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Dead Tycoon’s former partner fights over £6m estate in unique ‘divorce’ battle

Helen Roocroft claims her tycoon ex, Carol Ainscow, who died in 2003, misled her about her wealth when they split. She is claiming that Ainscow claimed to be worth £750k, where her estate is valued at £6million. This case is unique because it is the first case of a set aside of a court order against an estate, after death.

Set aside is a complicated application where the court needs to consider that the financial assets declared at the time of the divorce were misleading and of a material difference to warrant a fresh look at the order.

"Miss Roocroft says the misinformation led her to accept a modest £162,000 payout at the end of her 19-year relationship with the entrepreneur.
She is now fighting to re-open her financial claims against Miss Ainscow’s estate, claiming she got a raw deal when her ex-civil partner was alive”

The court of appeal continues...£6m-estate-in-unique-divorce-battle.html  

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