09th July 2013

Ex-Malawi National Tennis Pro and Tennis Coach of future Wimbledon hopeful faces removal from UK

Nottingham immigration specialists Cartwright King Solicitors are campaigning on behalf of Malawi born tennis player Anthony Assan Kainga in a bid to fight his potential removal from the UK by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Anthony has been in the UK since 2001 but faces potential removal from the UK following the UKBA’s decision to consider his application to stay using a section of the rules under which he did not apply. They neglected to consider all the evidence submitted and, because this type of refusal does not allow a right of appeal, his solicitor, Rachel Harvey, an immigration specialist at Cartwright King solicitors, asked the Secretary of State to review the decision.

Having played tennis all across Africa, rising to No 2 in Malawi, Anthony came to the UK in 2001 to visit a friend and soon after his arrival tennis took over his life. He began assisting friends at various locations around Nottinghamshire and supporting young tennis players. At one of these locations he met a young boy called Pierre Luiggi and started to help him.

Anthony now voluntarily trains Pierre Luiggi who is a rising star and future Wimbledon hopeful and who is ranked as No 1 in Nottinghamshire U16 and No 32 nationally. He has also coached Nina Luiggi, Pierre’s sister, who is No 45 nationally U18.

Pierre Luiggi has diabetes and Anthony has spent the last 8 years training the rising star, not just in tennis but also managing his diet during training and matches, which allows him to compete at a high level despite his illness.

The youngster’s sporting future is now also in question as he could lose the relationship with his much loved and admired coach, including the diet management which has enabled Pierre to follow his dreams of competing.

Pierre’s mother Louise Luiggi said,

“Anthony’s happy, smiling face and heart-felt passion for the game is infectious and uplifting, not only for the children but for the parents. Anthony gave his time freely to these enthusiastic young players, receiving no payment, always humble and appreciative of the opportunity to be playing tennis with them.”

Anthony’s Solicitor Rachel Harvey at Cartwright King said,

“Anthony now has no life, friends, family or support in Malawi due to losing his family to pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis and malaria both before and since his arrival in the UK. We have asked for the Secretary of State to review her decision as we feel strongly that this may just be a case of an under-resourced department that was unable to fully consider Anthony’s application and the documents submitted. The Home Office however has refused our request stating that the Secretary of State is not obliged to review decisions. This means that a Judicial Review is now our only option. All we want is for a fair decision to be made by them based on the specific nature of the application made. The fact that Anthony has been voluntarily training our future Wimbledon stars to follow in Andy Murray’s footsteps combined with the relationship he has with the children that he is supporting especially Pierre is something that we feel should be considered as part of his application. Each application that we make is specific to that individual and we believe that this is a case that should be reviewed.”

Anthony and Pierre have for now been left in limbo not knowing what the future holds for either of them.

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