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21st February 2020

Automatic Release Changes in Parliament

How Does It Affect Offenders?

Custodial sentences for the most severe crimes will be increasing following a bill being set before Parliament.

The Ministry of Justice has introduced the bill, ostensibly to retain prisoners of serious crime to remain in custody for a new minimum of two thirds of their sentence.

Currently the system allows offenders automatic release after half of their standard determinate sentence, as stated in the Criminal Justice Act 2003. The offender will then complete the remainder of their sentence on licence.

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19th February 2020

First Glimpse Of The Points Based Immigration System

Details of the much-touted ‘Australian Style’ points based system for immigration have been released today. It is re-named the ‘UK’s Points-Based Immigration System’

The main points;

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14th February 2020

Settled Status, Permanent Residence, and Indefinite Leave to Remain

Settled Status, Permanent Residence, and Indefinite Leave to Remain- What’s the difference and which one do I need?

These sound as if they are the same thing, and people often use them interchangeably.  However, they are different forms of leave and it is important to understand the difference. 

In this post, I will look at the main differences between the three types of status and why you should check which one you have. 

Permanent Residence

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