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Cartwright King maintains Strong Rankings in the Chambers and Partners Guide 2017

The Chambers and Partners 2017 rankings have now been published and we are pleased to announce that we have maintained our strong results and have increased in rankings in certain areas.

Cartwright King has also been recognised as a ‘National Leader’ for Crime outside of London, whilst also gaining in ranking in Family, Court of Protection, Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and Financial Crime.

Individual rankings continued to be strong with 10 Cartwright King Lawyers ranked or mentioned. 

The 2017 results included the following:

Practice Areas 

Birmingham and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 
•    Family/Matrimonial (Recognised Practitioners): Philip Rea & Chet Desai 

Derby and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 

London (Firms)

•    Financial Crime: Individuals (Band 4) 

Manchester and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 


•    Environment (Band 2) 

National Leaders (outside London)

•    Crime (Band 1) 

Nottingham and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 
•    Family/Matrimonial (Band 1) 

Oxford and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 

Sheffield and surrounds

•    Crime (Band 1) 

The Regions

•    Financial Crime (Band 1) 
•    Immigration (Band 3) 


•    Court of Protection: Health & Welfare (Band 2) 
•    Health & Safety (Band 4) 
•    POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture (Band 2) 

Ranked Lawyers

Court of Protection: UK-wide

•    Yvonne Chapman (Associates to watch) 
•    Kate Jackson (Band 3) 

Environment: Midlands

•    Andrew Brammer (Band 2)

Family/Matrimonial: Nottingham and surrounds

•    Hugh Young (Recognised Practitioner)

Financial Crime: London (Firms)

•    Richard Cornthwaite (Band 3)

Financial Crime: The Regions

•    Lesley Burrows (Band 1) 
•    Mark Fowler (Band 1) 

Health & Safety: UK-wide

•    Andrew Brammer  (Band 4)

POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture: UK-wide

•    Richard Cornthwaite (Band 2)
•    Mark Fowler  (Band 2)
•    Mark Hopwell (Band 3)

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