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Covid-19: UK Home Office Guides

Amid the global pandemic swathing across the globe, there are many people who have not been living in their country of residence for many reasons including family and work commitments. 

Messages from governments have been subject to change, due to the nature of the situation.

Here are some recent updates on immigration matters. 

This information was correct as of 7 April, 2020.

Immigration Detention

The Home Office has released information following latest guidance from Public Health England.

Along with all areas of society that have had to continue the same since the outbreak, and the close contact nature of the conditions, there has been obvious concern around the health and safety of those people who are detained in the immigration system, and the hardworking individuals working within it.

The High Court ruled on 26 March, that the current approach to detention and Covid-19 contained appropriate measures regarding the health and wellbeing of those detained and the workers involved.

As the enforcement agency dealing with high-harm foreign nationals that are detained, Immigration Enforcement oversees the law and order surrounding it.

We recommend that those who are being detained and their loved ones keep a continual awareness of the situation, and there are some questions with associated answers on a factsheet from the Home Office website here.

EU Settlement Scheme

Open since 30 March, 2019, the EU Settlement Scheme has already seen more then three million granted status in the UK.

Covid-19 has caused a temporary change to how the system works following guidance from Public Health England. These new guidelines will run for the foreseeable future, as countries around the globe deal with the pandemic.

The deadline for applications is not until 30 June, 2021 so there is still plenty of time to apply.

Some answers to the most commonly asked questions are here.

Immigration & Borders

The UK Immigration Service has a series of fact sheets that are easy reference for those with queries.

For more information, or to see if your queries can be answered, please see here.

Cartwright King has lawyers in most areas of law, and the current information we are sharing is written by immigration lawyer Rita Kotecha of Cartwright King. 

If you have any further queries around the above topic or otherwise, contact the firm here.

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