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Covid-19: Updates for Visa Holders, Short-term Residents in the UK and Sponsors

We continue to keep updating on new measures that will affect our clients in the days to come as Covid-19 restrictions affect the global population.

On 9 April, the UK Home Office provided further information for those in the UK holding visas and living here short term.

These measures allow for the fact that due to global travel restrictions, there are many displaced from their country of origin and cannot return until the pandemic has run its course.

The Home Office is continuously updating its information as the situation changes, and there are more people affected in different ways.

Providing factsheets for differing circumstances and situations, there is a wealth of information on government websites to ensure that those looking for information will be able to find the part relevant to them.

We are continuing to keep providing information along with governmental offices to ensure that our clients are as informed as possible.

Covid-19 factsheet: Visa holders and short-term residents in the UK
The factsheet for visa holders and short term residents includes information on:
Extending a visa 
Switching visas 
Completing their application 
Additional Services

Although functioning as normally as possible, there are many areas within the UK Immigration Service that are currently temporarily closed, including the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Centres (UKVCAS) and Service Support Centres (SSC’s). 

No individual’s immigration status will be negatively affected as a result of not being able to attend appointments. 

For more information, and to view the factsheet associated, please see here.

Covid-19 factsheet: Guidance for sponsors
The factsheet providing guidance for sponsors includes information on:
Absence reporting
Tier 4 - Distance learning
Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) or a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS)
Tier 4 visa application to be decided

Throughout lock down, visa applications can still be made and although not working normally, cases are still being processed ready to be progressed when restrictions in the UK are lifted.

For more information, and to view the fact sheet associated, please see here.

Cartwright King has lawyers in most areas of law, and the current information we are sharing was collected by immigration lawyer Rita Kotecha of Cartwright King.

If you have any further queries around the above topic or otherwise, contact the firm here.

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