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Employment Law and Brexit Vote to Leave EU

So the country has voted to leave the EU. It is far from clear what this may mean for UK employment law. In theory the changes could be huge. A lot of UK employment law is shaped by the EU such as family friendly rights, discrimination legislation, limits on working time, collective consultations and redundancy, and the protection of agency workers. In theory the government is now free to repeal many of these laws. 

Many leading commentators in the employment field, however, believe that fundamental changes are unlikely to happen in practice. We are perhaps more likely to see a watering down of certain features of UK employment law. For example, the restrictions on the employer to harmonise terms and conditions following a TUPE transfer, changes in relation to the accrual and calculation of holiday pay, and possible introduction of a cap on the compensation in discrimination claims.

Whatever the changes may be on the horizon they will not happen overnight. The UK is required to give 2 years notice of its intention to leave the EU so we can expect to have plenty of warning of the changes proposed.

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