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Fraud allegations successfully defended

Cartwright King has one of the largest fraud defence businesses in the Country. With a team of highly reputable lawyers who have extensive experience in all areas of fraud allegations, they are able to assist with legal advice nation-wide resulting in positive outcomes for their clients. 

Here are just a few of our recent cases that our expert team have sucessfully defended over the last 6 months: 

R v D 
Andrew Cant dealt with a multi handed conspiracy to commit fraud by misrepresentation valued at  £750,000, with over 12,000 pages of evidence which took place at Nottingham Crown Court. Our client was the lead defendant; the owner of a chat line business where he and members of his family were alleged to have befriended and then defrauded an elderly client. 3 weeks into trial, after various legal arguments, the prosecution offered no evidence. This was as a result of continued legal challenges by the defence relating to disclosure that has been pursued for months, which the prosecution had to eventually concede had been mislaid. 

R v S
Dealt with by John Speight at Liverpool Crown Court this case involved a 40-defendant cash for crash fraud trial. We represented one of the only two defendants acquitted in the entire case in the final trial. As always we went the extra mile and following substantial efforts discovered the existence of a document that had been missed by the investigative officers.

R v P  
John Allchin represented a client charged, alongside nine others, in a high profile case involving the alleged supply of adulterants to class A Drugs in “Operation Airdrie” at Liverpool Crown Court. The police suggested that the case involved the preparation of adulterants on an industrial scale, sufficient to adulterate many millions of pounds worth of heroin and crack cocaine. Five weeks in to the trial process we secured the acquittal of our client by successfully arguing that the indictment should be stayed due to an abuse of the process of the court. The prosecution had repeatedly failed to deal with disclosure of unused material in an appropriate manner. The disclosure process became so fundamentally tainted that the indictment was stayed and our client discharged from the proceedings.

R v S  
John Speight recently dealt with an over-seas land investment fraud at Doncaster Crown Court. The alleged quantum started at £1.2m however due to the defence arguments was reduced £100,000 fraud. After two adjournments for the prosecution to finalise their case, the trial eventually started. However 3 weeks into the trial the Judge stopped the case due to missing evidence coming to light. 

Head of Tax & Fraud, Sundeep Soor and his team are on hand across the country to help you in all areas of allegations of fraud or serious and complex crime. If you are concerned about an allegation of fraud, are under investigation or facing a prosecution for allegations of fraud or serious crime, or if you are a victim of fraud, we can assist wherever you are based.

Please call our Fraud team for a no obligation, free initial discussion on 0845 894 1622 or email and we will call or email you back.

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