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Head of Family Law welcomes Hestia and Boots joint initiative

Cartwright King Solicitors, Head of Family Law, Karen Brennan, has today welcomed the announcement by crisis charity Hestia and Boots that victims of domestic abuse will be able to access safe spaces within Boots pharmacies where they can contact speciality domestic abuse services for support and advice. 

Since the lockdown started, Hestia says it has already seen a 47% increase in victims reaching out for information and support on its free domestic abuse app, Bright Sky.

Karen Brennan said, ‘I am encouraged by this joint venture between Hestia and Boots at a time when options for victims of domestic abuse are more limited but an increase in violence is being reported.’

‘Cartwright King solicitors has 20 years experience of supporting victims of domestic abuse and guiding them through the legal protections in place to see them safe. We have a dedicated national team of domestic violence solicitors who can help victims access Legal Aid where public funding will pay for an individual’s legal fees. This means that victims of domestic abuse never need worry that they don’t have the money to ensure their safety.’

‘We are ready to speak to victims whenever they are ready. We understand that making that initial contact can be hard, but we’re here to support them all the way.’

If you have any questions around this topic or know of someone who might need our help please contact the firm here.

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