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HMRC top 10 prosecutions of 2018

The list of top prosecutions from HMRC over the last 12 months shows the regulators relentless pursuit of those accused of tax offences.

There is wide diversity of offences that HMRC are pursuing including, stealing Gift Aid money from charities, smuggling illicit tobacco and weapons of mass destruction violations.

From business people to tax consultants and church leaders, HMRC’s fraud investigations have led to 671 people being convicted over the last 12 months. In addition, HMRC has charged another 919 people and taken on 746 new criminal investigations.

To view the full list of top 10 prosecutions from 2018 read the full article:

Steve Kirby, Senior Associate & Tax Solicitor at Cartwright King commented on the news, “There is an interesting shift in emphasis from HMRC’s prosecution division. We are used to seeing HMRC publicise the increased number of convictions or the increased budget to prosecute. In this publication, HMRC are demonstrating their criminal investigation powers into wider criminality, going beyond the borders of “tax fraud” traditionally associated with HMRC.”


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