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Secondary Schools to Face Losing Six Teachers- According to Reports

According to reports, it is believed that six teachers could be lost from every secondary school due to funding cuts.

The Education Policy Institute (EPI), believes that on average secondary schools are facing losses of £291,000 each with primaries also missing out on £74,000 between 2016/2017 and 2019/2020. This is the equivalent of six teachers being lost from each secondary school, and two from primary schools.

These figures arrive in the wake of an alleged source from the Government claiming that proposed changes to how schools are funded would either be dropped or amended. It is believed that schools in London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cheshire are some of the most affected.

Reports last week also claimed that more than seven out of ten head teachers who teach 14-16 year olds unveiled they had axed GCSE or vocational courses in the past year with 8 out of 10 admitting that some sixth form courses have also been removed.

It is believed that the National Funding Formula (NFF) will potentially see schools receive an amount per pupil and extra money based on factors including deprivation.

Deborah RobinsonEducation Solicitor at Cartwright King, outlines what impact this could have by saying:

“With school resources often already stretched, a reduction in budgets and possibly teaching staff will only stretch those resources even further. This is likely to have an impact on pupils and therefore parents or carers in a number of ways. Some of the matters that our team of education lawyers can help you with are explored below.

Firstly, it will be increasingly difficult for parents and carers to make a successful application for their child to attend their preferred school. An unsuccessful application triggers a statutory right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel (IAP).

However, if school resources have reduced, it will be even harder to argue at an IAP that the prejudice to your child of not attending that particular school outweighs the prejudice to the school in the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources. The school application and appeal process can be quite stressful for parents and carers and that is why more and more are seeking legal advice before embarking on an appeal. We have a team of education lawyers who can assist you with the preparation for a school admissions appeal as well as representing you at the IAP itself.

The second area that may cause particular concern to parents and carers is that of the provision of appropriate education for those children with special educational needs, either with or without a Statement or Education, Health and Care Plan. Funding cuts and subsequent decreasing resources may have an adverse impact on these children resulting in their educational needs not being adequately met.  In some circumstances there may be grounds for an appeal to The First-Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) or a claim for Judicial Review. Time is of the essence in both situations and it is therefore imperative that legal advice is sought as soon as practicable once special educational needs provision is refused or withdrawn.”

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