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Surge expected on ‘Divorce Day’

Today, is “ Divorce Day ”. This unusually named occasion takes place annually on the first working Monday in January and is normally marked by a spike in divorce enquiries after marital issues reach a head over Christmas and New Year. 

Whilst many law firms have reported expecting lower than usual enquiry numbers this year, due to the pandemic, Cartwright King are anticipating more enquiries than ever.

Head of Family Law, Karen Brennan said, ‘The pandemic has continued longer than we all anticipated. We saw many couples decide they would have to ‘grin and bear it’ during the first national lockdown but now that restrictions are continuing, and are set to get even harsher, many people are deciding that this approach cannot continue indefinitely leading to a pent up demand for family law services.’

‘The sad reality is that many relationships are growing ever more fractious in lockdown and reported levels of domestic violence and abuse are rising.’

‘Ending a relationship brings a great deal of emotional stress and upset but add in a global pandemic and subsequent delays in court hearings then tensions rise even further.’

‘We understand that the world is confusing and frightening enough at the moment. Separation, whilst undoubtedly painful, can be undertaken with dignity and respect allowing relationships in the longer term to remain as amicable as possible. There is no one ‘best’ approach to separation. We’ll talk to you about alternative means to sorting out your differences, including mediation, but if necessary can support you through court proceedings.’

‘My advice would be to pick up the phone and talk to us, we’re here to listen and to help’.

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