22nd July 2015

Social Media workshop for Luton School

As part of our corporate social responsibility and community engagement, Andrew Brumhill and Hayley Siong recently delivered their free, bespoke workshop about the dangers of social media to Putteridge High School in Luton.

Andrew and Hayley delivered their ‘Who Killed Deon’ workshop to 120 students in 6 seminars throughout the day. The hour-long session aimed to make students aware of the dangers of social networking using a real-life case. 

During the workshop the students watched a DVD to gather the necessary information required so that they could then participate in an open discussion and asked the question on who they thought was charged with the murder of Deon. The activity is based on an unfortunate real-life case where the use of social media and networking was involved to organise a gathering at a party to attack the victim in question. Throughout the day 6 students won a £20 voucher each for correctly stating who was charged with murder.  

Andrew & Hayley said: “It is extremely important that children & young adults are aware of ‘joint enterprise’ and how they could be charged with a crime simply by the use of social media. We had a fantastic day and enjoyed taking part in each group discussion. Well done to all of the students who answered the question correctly.” 

Putteridge School said: “Thank you both so much for the Legal Workshop delivered to our Year 7 students yesterday. Feedback was very encouraging with all the students talking about the experience. Your delivery was extremely professional and pitched at totally the right level for 11/12 year olds. I hope that we can continue our relationship and that you might be in a position to help us out again in the future.”

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@NottsLawSociety Many thanks to Selina Hinchliffe from @brownejacobson for making it such a relaxed and positive session!

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