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High net worth divorce lawyers

Our team of Family Solicitors comment on the continuing trial of what looks to be the largest financial pot in divorce proceedings in the English courts – it could be Britain’s first billion pound case.

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Hohn Divorce

The High Court is hearing the case of Sir Christopher Hohn and his wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn. The estimated combined wealth is stated by the wife to be £1.72 billion, combining assets in husband’s Hedge Fund and other combined assets. The case will determine whether Sir Hohn is right in his claim that his wealth has been built up predominately after separation in December 2012, rather than jointly. The wife claims that as Chairman of the Hedge Fund she has contributed to the couple’s combined wealth.   

Our team of Family Solicitors says that 'the competing claims of the wife to half of the combined assets, versus the husband’s position that she is only entitled to one third of the combined wealth, is a complex argument and one that needs specialist consideration of the history, origin and growth of the assets, and contribution.'

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