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Law360: Sundeep Soor is quoted in a Insurance Fraud Article

Sundeep Soor, Head of Fraud and Tax has been quoted in a Law350 article on insurance fraud'

“There was a huge spate of crash-for-cash prosecutions in the last five to eight years; however I have noticed a down-turn in the last 18 months,” said Sundeep Soor, head of fraud and tax at Cartwright King Solicitors.

At the same time, Cartwright King has some 60 insurance and other fraud cases that are in the investigation stage, at least a quarter of which have been going on for four or five years. This has drained the energy of suspects and detectives, and lawyers say they welcome a move away from such prosecutions.

“It’s very unfair on our clients but also the police investigation units, who are under resourced," Soor said. "I know officers in these units who are banging their head against the wall waiting for the Crown Prosecution Service teams to make a decision.”

Read the full article here:

'Reforms Slam Brakes On Crash-For-Cash Insurance Fraud'


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