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New child maintenance charges

There will be a one off initial application fee of £20 to use the Child Maintenance Service. If it is necessary for them to take enforcement action against an absent parent there could be further charges of up to £300. If the parents then make payments directly between them there will be no further charges. However, the Child Maintenance Service can collect the payments from the absent parent and pay them to the parent with care. There will be an ongoing charge for this collection of payments service which will be introduced from August 2014. This “Collect and Pay” service will see the paying parent will paying a 20% surcharge of the maintenance assessed and the receiving parent paying 4% of the amounts received.

The old CSA system was extremely costly to the tax payer and, the government says, had fundamental problems. The new system is heavily subsidized by the tax payer but will encourage more people to certainly arrange payments themselves if not agree the child maintenance entirely themselves.

At Cartwright King we have a specialist team of family law solicitors and lawyers who can advise on child maintenance and formalizing agreements on child maintenance.This can be dealt with as a free standing issue or as part of a separation or divorce.

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