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Solicitor and Rally Driver

A Sheffield Solicitor from leading national law firm Cartwright King was breaking the speed limit last weekend with his first competitive event of the season at the Riponian Stages Rally.

Mark Fowler, business defence Solicitor and Director at Cartwright King, developed a passion for motorsport as a child and after enjoying it as a spectator for many years, finally got behind the wheel himself and competed in his first rally in 2000. Since then he has been competing in forest rallies across the UK and for the past three years has been sponsored by Cartwright King Solicitors.

The Riponian Stages Rally was the first event of the season for Mark and his co-driver Chris Dewsnap. The event took competitors across 40 stage miles through the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Mark and Chris put their Subaru Impreza N10 Group N rally car through its paces at the event, a car well used to competitive rallying as it was originally built for Alistair McRae, younger brother of the late world rally champion, Colin McRae. They came fourth in their class.

Mark says; “Rally car driving is a huge passion of mine that started as a child attending motorsport events with my dad and my love of the sport grew as I got older. I finally decided to drive competitively at the age of 40 and it was just the challenge I needed. At the moment we’re not competing as much as we’d like to as the cost to take part in National A and B rallies works out at £3,000 or more per event but the Cartwright King sponsorship certainly helps.
The Riponian Stages were great and we were really pleased to come fourth in our class. Hopefully we can build on this as the season progresses. It would be great if we could match the success achieved in the Roger Albert Clark Rally in 2006 when I came first in class in the open rally in my Opel Manta!”


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