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Sponsorship undertaking form UKBA

When applying for your dependant relatives to come to the UK, the UK sponsor is required to provide a signed sponsorship undertaking and submit this with a print out of the on line application and all supporting documents.

The sponsorship undertaking is called Form SU07/01 and can be found here:

By signing this undertaking, the sponsor undertakes that if the applicant is granted leave to enter the UK on a permanent basis, to be responsible for his/her maintenance, accommodation and care in the UK for a period of five years from the date of their entry to the UK. The sponsor also confirms that the applicant will have no recourse to public funds for the five years. If granted limited leave to enter the UK, then the sponsor undertakes to be responsible for his/her maintenance, accommodation and care in the UK without recourse to public funds for the duration of that limited leave to enter.

The sponsor also agrees that the undertaking be made available to the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK, who will take appropriate steps to recover from the sponsor any cost of any public funds paid to or in respect of the sponsored person and the Home Office can take any similar action for any benefits granted as part of a future asylum claim.

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