15th August 2017

Solicitors Regulation Authority Diversity Data Review

Cartwright King has an obligation to collect, report and publish data about the make-up of their workforce.

Below you can find responses to the most recent data collection exercise from July / August 2017. 259 staff members were invited to take part and 170 responded. Responses can be seen below.

Select one category which best describes your role in the firm.

Barrister      4
Chartered Legal Executive/ Cilex Practitioner      1
IT/HR/Other corporate services role     22
Managerial role      7
Other fee earning role     28
Role directy supporting a fee earner      14
Solicitor (not partner)     73
Solicitor partner      18
Prefer not to say      3


Which age category are you in?

16 - 24                                                                             17
25 - 34     56
35 - 44     35
45 - 54      37
55 - 64     13
65 +      6
Prefer not to say      6


Which gender do you identify with?

Male                                                                                   65
Female     97
Prefer not to say      8



Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?

No                                                                                             148
Yes, limited, little or a lot     8
Prefer not to say    14

What is your ethnic group?

Asian/ Asian British - Indian  17     
Asian/ Asian British - Pakistani   4
Asian/ Asian British - Any other Asian background   2
Black/ Black British - African   1
Black/ Black British - Caribbean    4
Mixed/ Multiple Ethnic Groups - White and Asian    3
Mixed/ Multiple Ethnic Groups - White and Black Caribbean   2
White - British/ English/ Welsh/ Northern Irish/ Scottish   118
White - Irish White   2
White - Any other white background   6
Prefer not to say    11


What is your religion or belief?

Any other religion or belief                                          3
Christian    66
Hindu    9
Muslim    5
No religion of belief/ Athiest    67
Sikh    3
Prefer not to say    17


Did you mainly attend a state or fee paying school between the ages 11-18?

Attended school outside of UK                                                          6
UK Independent/ Fee- paying School    24
UK State School    131
Prefer not to say    9


If you went to University (to study a BA, BSc course or higher), were you part of the first generation of your family to do so?

Yes                                                                         73
No    58
Did not attend University    30
Prefer not to say    9


Are you the primary carer for a child or children under 18?

Yes                                                                                112
No   46
Prefer not to say   12


Do you look after or care for someone with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age (not in a paid capacity)?

No                                                                      148
Yes, 1 - 19 hours per week  10
Prefer not to say  12


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