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Our specialist solicitors in Leicester provide you with sound, affordable advice and guidance, giving you access to premier legal support when you need it most. Cartwright King’s Leicester team balances a unique blend of personal and professional services, working with you to achieve the best outcome possible for your case.

Our thoughtful approach gives you a voice and ensures that you are properly prepared when facing a legal issue, keeping you calm and helping to present your case professionally. The Cartwright King Leicester team is highly regarded in the legal sector, a Legal 500 firm with an excellent case success rate.

Get in touch with our solicitors in Leicester now for specialist legal advice and representation.

How Can Our Solicitors in Leicester Help?

Our unique advocacy services in the area of criminal law mean that we can represent you from the police station up to the highest Courts in the UK.

Why Choose Cartwright King Solicitors in Leicester?

Leicester’s history dates back some 2000 years and is the birthplace of modern-English, originally used as a way for Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to communicate. In modern times, Leicester is the biggest city in the East Midlands, won the premier league with the longest odds in the competition’s history and is home to the world’s biggest celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights (outside India).

Cartwright King has been at the heart of Leicester’s legal community since 2001. Our current offices benefitted from an expansion and opened in October 2014. They overlook the Town Hall, just ten minutes from the train station, which makes our expert team easily accessible to Leicester locals.

We recognise meeting your solicitor in-person offers you additional peace of mind, to help to build rapport and put a face to the person managing your case, which can be of huge significance. We are handling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic by using virtual calls, but we will review each case and the need for in-person or face-to-face contact.

When you are faced with a legal issue, we know that making that first call for advice is not always one you want to make. Our specialist solicitors take the time to listen, understand and recommend the right advice, when you need it most.

We will take the necessary time and preparation to ensure that your case is approached in the right way, to achieve the best resolution. We listen, we understand and we care about what happens to you, which is why we offer a personalised legal service, which gives you a voice, when faced with a legal issue.

Our solicitors in Leicester are determined and resourceful, remaining calm under pressure to give you reliable legal advice and representation throughout each stage of your case.

How to Find Our Solicitors in Leicester

The address is: St. George’s House, 6 St George’s Way, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 1QZ

By Car

The major roads into Leicester are:

• The M1
• The A6
• The A5460
• The A46
• The A47

Car parking

On-site parking is not available at our Leicester office. However, there are several public car parks within five minutes’ walk of our office.

By Train

Leicester train station is approximately a 5-minute walk to our offices. There is a taxi rank outside of the station.


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