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Laura Gibson

Associate Solicitor

Child Care

Laura Gibson is an Associate Solicitor in our Child Care team specialising in child protection, including care proceedings. She is a member of the Law Society’s Children Law Accreditation Scheme.

Laura's Specialisms

More about Laura

I specialise in child protection, including care proceedings. The cases that I deal with have real and life-long implications for all involved so it is of crucial importance that they are dealt with sensitively and thoroughly.

I qualified in 2008, and since 2012 specialise in children matters. I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be a lawyer and never changed my mind!

I represent my clients’ interests to the best of my abilities. I pride myself on being thorough and listening to what clients want. It is, of course, not always possible to achieve a client’s desired outcome but it is extremely important that the client feels they have been given the best possible chance and their case has been represented fully.

I represent parents, family members and children. Each case is different, and some are of course more complex than others. Every case is of the utmost importance to the individual client and so it is necessary to treat them all with equal care. It always feels like an achievement when a client makes substantial changes and is able to secure a positive outcome, I am always sure to make them aware of how proud they should be of themselves.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children; we enjoy days out and spending time outdoors. I’m a keen distance runner and like to take part in races whenever I get the opportunity. I also enjoy travelling.


Recent Cases

  • I represented the mother in a case where a baby suffered non-accidental injuries. The baby was placed in foster care and the reports of several experts were obtained to assist the Court in determining what injuries the baby had suffered and the likely cause of the injuries. The client maintained that she had not caused the injuries and so the child’s father must have done. The client separated from the child’s father. There was a lengthy fact finding hearing during which the Court heard from the experts and both parents. The Court exonerated my client, making no findings against her in relation to the injuries. The Judge then determined that the continued separation of the child from its mother was no longer proportionate and returned the child to my client’s care
  • I represented the father in proceedings where the child was said to have suffered a fractured arm which was unlikely to be accidental due to the nature of the injury. During the course of obtaining expert evidence it transpired that a second fracture had occurred which changed the nature of the injury and meant that an accidental cause could not be ruled out. The Local Authority, based on that evidence, decided to withdraw the proceedings and the child was placed in the care of my client
  • I acted for the mother of three children in another injury case. The parents were from a middle Eastern country in conflict,  with two of the children having been born there. Findings were made against both parents in respect of the injuries, and the Court had to determine the most appropriate placement for the children. The parents sought to have family members from their home country assessed. Two family members were able to travel to the UK to be assessed and the children were placed with one of those family members. It was considered that the children’s cultural needs were best served by them being cared for by their family member who had been positively assessed
  •  I represented the father of a new baby. The baby’s mother had had older children removed from her care relatively recently and as such the Local Authority sought to remove the baby. The parents opposed this and asked the Court to let them reside with the paternal grandmother who would supervise them with the baby. The Court heard evidence and determined that the parents could care for the baby whilst under the supervision of the grandmother. The baby remained in the care of the parents throughout proceedings and following the making of final orders.




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