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Layla Cakmak


Child Care

Layla provides expert support in Care Proceedings, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Placement Applications, Inherent Jurisdiction, Special Guardianship, Prohibited Steps, Exclusion, Non-Molestation and PLO.

She also delivers legal advice on private family law matters, such as contact arrangements inherent jurisdiction.

Layla handles her own advocacy in the High Court, County Court and Magistrates court.

Layla’s specialisms

Layla specialises in Child Care cases. She has worked as a fee earner for the last 10 years. Layla is passionate about helping others and providing the best service possible: “I’ve had the privilege of assisting my clients through complex cases, including those heard by the High Court. As a result, I’m always focused on protecting the legal rights of my clients.

“I’m proud of my ability to suitably engage with clients – from all backgrounds – during what can be a difficult, overwhelming and upsetting time. Before proceedings start, some clients can feel unhappy about speaking to a legal professional. I take the time to reassure my clients they’re not irrelevant. Most importantly, I let them know their voice can and will be heard within the proceedings.

“I’m attentive to my clients needs, ensuring I tailor my legal advice to make it easy to understand and acceptable for them. I’m direct and realistic in my approach to providing legal advice, which is well received by my clients.”

More about Layla...

Layla mainly represent parents, grandparents and other family members in Public law proceedings. She specialises in providing legal advice to parents and other family members throughout care proceedings. Layla has experience in representing her clients in child protection cases, including non-accidental injury, FGM, sexual and physical abuse, substance / alcohol misuse and neglect.




Notable cases

Layla has worked on notable complex cases, including a non-accidental injury case, where she represented a Mother, who had been accused of causing several, non-accident skull fractures to her immobile baby: “I challenged the Local Authority’s decision to issue care proceedings and for the continued separation of the mother with her child. I prepared a detailed skeleton argument to pursue a contest for the return of my client’s child to her care and the early conclusion of care proceedings. The application was heard by the current DFJ, at Manchester Civil Justice Centre, and my application was successful with the child being returned home later that day. The Interim Care order was rightly discharged and care proceedings were withdrawn by the Local Authority.”

Elsewhere, as a trainee, Layla honed her skills by working on two cases that were later reported in the press (once they finished).

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