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Natasha Chand


Family Law

Natasha Chand specialises in family law, representing and advising parents who have social services involvement with their family, dealing with cases concerning sexual abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol misuse, poor parental mental health, physical abuse and suspected non-accidental injuries.

She regularly represents children either directly or through their CAFCASS Guardians and has held the child panel accreditation since 2018.

More about Natasha...

Natasha Chand obtained her Law degree from Leicester University in 2010 and went on to become a trainee solicitor. She became a qualified Solicitor in 2015 before joining Cartwright King in 2018.

It was in 2018 that Natasha applied for the Children’s Panel accreditation, which she has held ever since and she regularly accepts instructions from professional clients such as CAFCASS guardians as well as representing children and parents.

Natasha works on cases from start to conclusion including representing the client at court hearings. She recognises the importance of understanding my client’s objectives through regular communication and honest legal advice. These types of matters can be highly emotional and it is important to maintain a professional but sensitive approach.

As well as specialising in the areas mentioned earlier in her profile, she has also dealt with cases with international elements, terrorism and cases involving the death of a child.

Natasha is based at Cartwright King’s office in Birmingham, but often also undertakes work across Wolverhampton, Coventry, Hereford, Stoke on Trent and Worcester.


Natasha has held the Children's Law accreditation since 2018.

Notable cases

Natasha acted on behalf of a paternal aunt who had been implicated in a number of allegations made by the Local Authority against a child’s mother after the child had sustained serious life-threatening injuries including a fractured skull. The mother and the local authority had made accusations against the client.

Proceedings were heard in the High Court due to the serious nature of the case. A witness statement was prepared on behalf of the aunt within which the allegations of the local authority and the parents were denied. The medical evidence supported the account of the client.

The client was completely exonerated and found not to have caused any of the injuries was found not to have conspired with the mother to mislead the police.



Natasha acted in proceedings involving a 15-year-old mother and her newborn daughter.

It became apparent that the local authority ought to have issued proceedings in relation to the 15-year-old mother in her own right as a child so that she could have access to her own children’s guardian as well as her solicitor. This was particularly relevant given that the 15 year old herself was under section 20, was extremely vulnerable and was a victim of CSE.

Cartwright King, therefore, became solicitors for the 15-year-old as a child in her own proceedings as well as a mother in the application concerning her daughter.

The local authority planned to separate the mother and child. However, we argued that the basic care provided to the baby by the mother was not in question and it resulted in the mother and baby entering into a residential assessment unit for a bespoke assessment.

The PAMS assessment was positive and the LA final plan was for the mother and baby to remain within the mother and baby foster placement until the mother reached independence and could be supported to live elsewhere.

Both children were made the subject of final care orders with a plan to remain in the therapeutic foster placement in order to enable the mother to receive continued support and therapy with regard to her own traumatic experiences.



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