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Sadia Noori

Immigration Paralegal


Sadia Noori is an accredited Senior Immigration Caseworker; she can advise clients on the process and procedure of claiming Asylum in the UK. She speaks fluent Farsi/Dari, Urdu/Mirpuri, Hindi and Pashto.

Sadia's Specialisms

More about Sadia

My area of specialism is Immigration which involves guiding clients through the procedure and legalities of settlement within the UK. I offer client’s a high standard of legal representation that is transparent and successful.

I am passionate about Immigration law due to my own personal background of coming to the UK at a young age. Also, it involves complex and personal cases for individuals who are from different countries seeking to establish life in the UK. Therefore, it has encouraged me to purse a career in law and in particular Immigration law.

My ability to speak 4 languages (Farsi/Dari, Urdu/Mirpuri, Hindi and Pashto) is a great assistance when communicating with clients and making them feel at ease.

I represent clients who have not got status to stay in the UK. Client’s biggest achievement is to be granted a status in the UK. Immigration cases can be complex if it involves deportation and removal.

I graduated in my LLB Law degree from Nottingham Trent University and I am currently undertaking the LLM LPC part-time at the same university.


Recent Experience

  • I have successfully managed to grant a refugee status for one of my client when working on their Asylum case. The client has fear of persecution on religious grounds if they had returned back their home country because they had converted from Islam to Christianity. When working on this case, I produced a detailed witness statement, prepared the client for their interview and represented them successfully to the Home Office.
  • A client was asked to return back to a safe country from the UK after their fingerprints were registered as their refugee claim was accepted with a third country. The client however did not wish to return to the third country as they were mistreated and tortured, I represented the client to the Home Office by making a strong representation on grounds of mistreatment and provided strong evidence. I successful managed their case to be considered in the UK only.
  • I represented a domestic violence client who entered the UK on spousal visa. The client was a victim of domestic abuse by her husband as result of leaving her husband she was a destitute. As I am bilingual and proficient in Urdu, I was able to put the client at ease and reassure her that I can support her case. Due to this, I was able to prepare an effective witness statement for the client. Shortly after submitting the witness statement and other evidence the client was granted a stay in the UK.


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Lock House, Wilford Street, Nottingham, NG2 1AG

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