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Specialist Child Care Solicitors

Why Choose Us?

Supporting You During Child Care Proceeding

With one of the largest teams of specialist Child Care solicitors in the country, Cartwright King provides expert advice and support in relation to arrangements for children post-separation, previously referred to as ‘child custody’ and child law cases. Whatever your circumstances, you can rely on our child care solicitors to deal with your case professionally and without judgment. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to keep your family together.

Legal Aid is likely available to you when you request the assistance of our solicitors, regardless of your financial position. Legal Aid is available free of charge for parents if the Local Authority has applied for a Care Order or a Supervision Order.

How our Child Care Solicitors can help

At Cartwright King, our family law solicitors are highly experienced in supporting parents when social services have become involved with the care of a child.

Our team are able to:

  • Take urgent action to ensure you are represented when the social services have applied to have your child removed from your care via Care or Supervision Orders.
  • Advise grandparents and other family members while child care proceedings are in progress.
  • Offer advice on all problems that can result in care proceedings, such as allegations of abuse, the death of a parent, mental health issues, situations involving parents who are non-UK nationals.
  • Liaise with the social services during an ongoing investigation to ensure that the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible and that the rights of you and your family are protected.

Assist and liaise with the local authority to arrange contact between parents and their children who have been placed in care as a result of child care proceedings.


Why Choose Cartwright King to Represent My Child Care Case?

Child care cases can come before the Courts very quickly and require immediate action from parents and solicitors. Our childcare solicitors are used to dealing with matters at short notice and can quickly respond to changing situations.

Cartwright King is a respected law firm with offices in London and other major locations throughout the UK. We have been recognised by the Legal 500 for the exceptional legal services we offer. Our child care specialists have a wealth of experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and working with families facing all kinds of problems from mental health to substance abuse and from domestic abuse to injured children.


We are here to help you, not judge you. We will do everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome. Our experienced child care solicitors can talk to you about different ways forward at each stage of your case so that you can make informed choices based on sound advice and knowing all the options available to you.