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Alwyn Jones

Position(s)  Director , Barrister

Area(s) of Practice  Advocacy , Criminal Defence

Location(s)  Nottingham

Phone   0115 838 7561


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Alwyn Jones

Alwyn is a highly experienced Barrister who has appeared in the Criminal Courts since 1984 and is a Member of the Gray's Inn Bar.

In 2014 he was appointed, and remains, Head of Chambers at Cartwright King’s specialist in House Chambers which provides representation to our clients in the Crown Court and a seemless service from representation at the police station to the Courts of Appeal.

He has defended and prosecuted the most serious of cases in the Crown Court and has been involved in more than 40 murder trials. He has conducted both murder and attempted murder cases as sole Advocate.

Such cases have involved gaining a detailed understanding of complex aspects of, DNA, Mobile phone, scientific, medical and mental health issues. Alwyn deals exclusively with the most serious of offences, including Rape, historic sexual offences, serious violence, Robbery, Firearms, Drug offences including multi defendant drug conspiracies, blackmail, child cruelty, Kidnapping, Fraud, Trading Standards and Fatal Road traffic cases.

He has an unsurpassed knowledge of the law and trial tactics. He was appointed to the VHCC panel, enabling him to appear as Counsel in the most complex of cases and regularly appears in the Court of Appeal. Appearing in Serious sexual offences involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses plays a large part in Alwyn’s practice. 

In 2016 he was appointed as a Lead Facilitator by Inns of Court Collage of Advocacy to train Advocates under the Advocacy and Vulnerable National Training Programme.

Recognised for his thorough preparation and courtroom skills, Alwyn is someone to fight your corner when the stakes are high.

Specialist area(s):

Advocacy, Fraud and Crown Court


  • Recognised in the Legal 500 in 2017 as an “expert” in defending and prosecuting serious offences.
  • Appointed as Lead Facilitator for Advocacy and the Vulnerable National training programme 2016
  • Shortlisted for Solicitor Advocate of the Year award 2014 – Law Society

Notable Cases:


  • R v B Sole Counsel for the defence in a murder by use of a samurai sword.
  • R v G Defence Junior in a 9 defendant gang related murder – defendant acquitted following legal submissions to stop the trial.
  • R v B Defence Junior in a murder by a 14 year old of his mother – one of the first cases tried Involving the law of “loss of control ”
  • R v C Defence Junior in a murder of a solicitor by a solicitor [via a “hit –man”] involving allegations of complex mortgage frauds
  • R v J Sole counsel on murder by kicking and punching – plea to manslaughter accepted.
  • R v R Shooting murder during robbery of a drug dealer in his home reduced to manslaughter – avoided dangerousness and obtained determinate sentence and avoided discretionary life sentence.
  • R v S - junior defence counsel on allegation of murder and decapitation of torso – acquitted after trial.
  • R v W Defence Junior in double murder where 2 big Issue salesmen killed within 20 mins in a city centre – complex psychiatric issues which resulted in a plea to manslaughters and a hospital disposal
  • R v P Sole defence counsel in Murder by daughter of 93 year old mum – Involved complex psychiatric issues leading to not guilty verdict to murder.
  • R v Y – sole counsel in trial of mother charged with murder of 3 year old child. Hospital order achieved following arguments as to psychiatric issues and plea to manslaughter
  • R v E – Sole counsel in Murder of neighbour by stabbing. Serious psychiatric issues leading to not guilty verdict on Murder and a Hospital order
  • R v S – sole counsel on murder of wife.
  • R v Z – defence of 19 year old charged with murder by stabbing in the street. Acquitted at trial
  • R v C – Sole counsel at trial of attempted murder by shooting with shot gun of man in own home – “cut throat” defence – C was acquitted when co defendants convicted.
  • R v D – Sole counsel on attempted murder of stranger in street – not guilty of attempted murder and guilty of s18

Serious Sexual Offences

  • R v B Defence counsel for a 14 year old boy with learning difficulties charged with rape of a 12 year old girl
  • R v Y Defence counsel in a multi defendant case involving the organised sexual exploitation of teenage girls.
  • R v R defence counsel in an allegation of rape of a doctor by a stranger who gained access to hospital living quarters – acquitted after trial.
  • R v L - Defence counsel on allegations of historic serious sex abuse within a family setting – acquitted after trial
  • R v C defence counsel on allegations of “date – rape” following the administering of a “legal high” at a music festival – acquitted after trial
  • R v McM – defence counsel in “date rape” of student following meeting at nightclub. Not guilty verdict after trial.
  • R v G – defence of a 15 year old charged with rape on a 5 year old.Non custodial sentence achieved.
  • R v H – defence of a 17 year old with learning difficulties charged with sexual activity with a child. Involved complex psychological issues
  • R v S defence counsel in allegations of multiple rapes rape following grooming of 12yr old girl by adult family friend – acquitted following trial
  • R v H – defence counsel in historic sexual allegations of rape of daughter 46 years ago – acquitted after trial
  • R v F – Defence counsel in allegations of historic rape by family member – acquitted after trial.
  • R v K – defence counsel in multi defendant allegations of rape and child sexual exploitation – not guilty verdicts to all charges following a 3 month trial

Fraud and Dishonesty

  • R v H Lead Defence counsel on multi defendant, 6 week trial of conspiracy to defraud the HMRC of in excess of £1.47 million pounds of duty on the production of illicit vodka – HMRC prosecution [Nottingham CC]
  • R v S Defence counsel on the trial of a large scale fraud against train companies [Leicester CC].
  • R v J Defence counsel on Fraud and Consumer Credit regulatory offences relating to the mis - selling of mobility products to the elderly. [Nottingham CC]
  • R v B Defence counsel on a 6 week fraud trial relating to fraudulent trading by a building company where witnesses included in excess of 50 elderly witnesses aged over 80 years. [Nottingham CC]
  • R v B Defence counsel on a 17 defendant “crash for cash” trial. [Derby CC]
  • R v E Defence counsel on a 9 defendant 5 week trial re fraudulent insurance claims. [Instructed as Counsel for a London Firm] – Carlisle Crown Court.
  • R v L Defence counsel on a £1.4m VAT Fraud re false reclaims by building company. [Leeds CC] R v L Defence Counsel on a 7 week trial re the fraudulent introduction of unfit food into the food chain [Nottingham CC]
  • RMG v B Prosecution Counsel for Royal Mail Group on a £2.3m, 4 week trial relating to theft and fraud on financial institutions in the City of London. [Old Bailey]- Convictions achieved.

Serious Violence

  • R v D Defence counsel in 4 week multi defendant trial at the “Old Bailey” involving the aggravated burglary and robbery of house occupants by the injecting of Ketamine
  • R v W Defence counsel for a man charged with riot and arson following the petrol bombing of a police station
  • R v R defence counsel in a grievous bodily harm case where the victim was deliberately run over by a car causing life threatening injuries.
  • R v C defence counsel in an allegation of causing grievous bodily harm in a group attack at a nightclub – defendant acquitted
  • R v O defence counsel on an allegation of arson of a dwelling house – defendant acquitted
  • R v C – successful defence of s18 where victim had facial reconstruction- pros at retrial accepted s20 – avoided an immediate custodial sentence
  • R v B – successful defence of a student charged with s18 GBH “bottling” of a companion at a party
  • R v D - defence counsel on allegation of causing serious harm with intent by use of weapon at a pub- acquitted after trial.
  • R v W – defended a mother charged with serious child cruelty to 6 week old child. Not guilty verdicts at trial.
  • R v R – allegation of s18 wounding of a householder – not guilty verdict.
  • R v D – s18 cut throat defence on s18 where IP had died before trial but after complaint and identification – complex admissibility arguments
  • R vH – defence of client charged with kidnap of 12 year old girl.

Serious Drugs

  • R v H Leading defence counsel in a multi defendant conspiracy to import class A drugs – involved cross border enquiries and the application of UK and Dutch law
  • R v W defence counsel on a trial of the importation of Class A drugs from USA and Far East by the use of airfreight consignments
  • R v P defence in a 19 defendant conspiracy to supply cocaine – defendant acquitted of conspiracy
  • R v A Multi defendant conspiracy to supply class A drugs cross border
  • R v S Lead counsel for defence in trail of £22m national cannabis production trial Firearms
  • R v A defence of a man charged with a gang related shooting in a street with intent to endanger life – acquitted after trial involving complex issues of expert ballistic evidence
  • R v B Defence of an allegation of possession of firearms for gang related purposes.
  • R v W- defence counsel in drug related case loaded firearm used during police chase in a city centre.
  • R v H – defence counsel for serving police officer involved with a conspiracy to supply class A drugs

Fatal road traffic

  • R v S Defence of a man charged with aiding and abetting causing death by dangerous driving by allowing another to drive when under the influence of alcohol
  • R v R – successfully defended defendant charged with dangerous driving by using mobile which led to accident where jogger suffered permanent life changing brain injury
  • R v A – defence counsel on a plea to causing 2 deaths by careless driving
  • R v B – defended lorry driver charged with death by dangerous driving following use of mobile and collision on M1 – Not guilty after trial.
  • R v B – defence of elderly motorist who killed a pedestrian while making a right turn without due care – suspended sentence achieved.


  • R v B – defence of ex serviceman in possession of “revolver'' as war souvenir – not guilty.
  • R v B – defence of man charged with possession of a “shotgun” – legal arguments as to whether item amounted to firearm.


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