Andre Minnaar

Position(s)  Associate

Area(s) of Practice  Immigration

Location(s)  West Midlands

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Andre is an Immigration Specialist.

Andre has over 16 years experience of dealing with a variety of immigration and asylum issues and having worked in both publicly funded and privately funded cases in both charity organisations and solicitor firms. He also has significant experience in advocacy and prides himself in delivering a friendly and excellent service where no stone is left unturned to ensure that he not only meets client expectations, but exceeds them.

He is proud to maintain an excellent success rate and have extensive experience of unravelling complex immigration issues, including asylum, immigration applications and appeals, as well as complex applications outside the rules such as a recent successful entry clearance application in a surrogacy case.

Spoken languages; English, Afrikaans

To see a full list of Immigration services Andre can help you with please visit our Immigration department.


"I received such a wonderful service from Andre Minnaar of Cartwright King Solicitors (Birmingham). He worked professionally, efficiently and was very knowledgeable whilst keeping me updated and informed all throughout the application process. I have no doubt that all this played a big role in receiving a positive outcome in our cases. If the opportunity arose I will most certainly use Cartwright King Solicitors, in particular Andre, to represent me in any future cases. I highly recommend them to anyone else." Client testimonial - October 2018

"I spent quite some time researching the best solicitors available to help me with my son's UK immigration case and after careful consideration decided to hire Andre Minnaar at Cartwright King Solicitors. Andre is the kind of legal representative you want by your side when results really matter - Andre is highly experienced and knowledgeable, incredibly professional and leaves no detail unattended. Thanks to Andre, we were able to successfully resolve a rather time-consuming and complex immigration issue. I could not recommend Andre more highly!" Client testimonial - September 2018 

"First of all I must express my happiness towards Cartwright King and the wonderful work Andre has done for me - I couldn’t be happier. Andre Minnaar; a very kind, polite, considerate, humble and above all most understanding person I have ever met. If I entered his office with tears in my eyes, he will make me leave the office with a smile on my face. Andre never gave up on me until I achieved my goal. I am honoured and humbled for Andre's help and support and will always recommend him to people." Client testiomial - September 2018

"I would like to thank Andre Minnaar for the outstanding job he did with my immigration case. The advice and support he gave me was the best and the results were more than what I expected. Thanks for always being supportive with my immigration cases. Thanks for the good work and I will always recommend my friends and family to you .... keep the up the good work." Client testimonial - September 2018

"A wonderful service – I am really happy, especially with Andre Minnaar who is a very successful man." Client testimonial - September 2018 

"Andre, I cannot begin to thank you for everything you have done to help us to this wonderful outcome. Your positive and professional attitude combined with your clear expertise and knowledge in this field gave me confidence from Day 1. I could not be more happy - once again, on behalf of Luke and I, THANK YOU!" Client testimonial - August 2018

"My husband and I have used Cartwright King on two separate occasions to secure his spouse residence in the UK. We are both extremely pleased with the service we received by the firm, and in particular the professionalism of Andre Minnaar. Andre kept us updated along the process when applying initially for my husband's first visa. Again, Andre has delivered a fantastic service with a personal touch. We would recommend Andre Minnaar for dealing efficiently and amiably with immigration cases whilst offering professional and realistic advice." Client testimonial - July 2018

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Minnaar for helping my family and I on such a complicated immigrational issue; without him such a dilemma would have been thought impossible to resolve. This man I most certainly and highly recommend on these type of matters." Client testiminial - July 2018

"Andre and the team at Cartwright King were efficient, helpful and exceeded any expectations we had for getting my visa renewal. Not only did he get my visa for me within a strict timeframe, he also got me a better visa on a shorter route which my previous solicitor had failed to do. The support and guidance we received while making the confusing and meticulous application was second to none, I can't recommend Andre and his team enough! Thank you again Andre!" Client testimonial - June 2018

"Thank you very much for your help. It was a great experience to have such supportive and professional services next to me. I am very pleased and I will recommend every one that need such a help." Client testimonial, June 2018

"Heartfelt thanks to Andre for the assistance he gave us as a family. He is a person who is passionate about his job and makes sure his clients are taken care of. I would not hesitate to refer my friends to him. Thanks Andre." Client testimonial, June 2018

"I received excellent services from Solicitors ( Andre Minnaar ) and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for professional legal advice." Client testimonial, May 2018

"I met Andre Minnaar in Birmingham library for a free consultation. I told him everything about myself and I gave him a very difficult task. Before Andre, I met two solicitors but they refused and said I can’t get PR before completing five years of my EEA national family member visa. My partner was retired so on my partner’s retirement base Mr Minnaar submitted an application to the home office and on 9th April 2018 I received a call from him saying that I was granted PR. 

I believe that Mr Minnaar is a brilliant immigration specialist, good listener, is quick to reply on every single enquiry, has brilliant knowledge and is a very hard working man. I already recommended him to one of my friends. I suggest to others that they should contact Andre Minnaar for immigration and other problems." Client testimonial, 12th April 2018

"I wanted to apply for ILR and my case was complicated as I had a 9 month gap spent outside the country. After the initial conversation with Andre Minnaar I felt I could trust him with my case. He asked me to walk him through the ten years I have been in this country and he listened to me carefully and sent me back a report of what we have discussed which was amazingly detailed. He then guided me with the documents I needed to collect for my application. Although I was hoping to get the ILR visa I could never imagine to achieve this on the first attempt and I owe this all to Andre. If you are looking for a professional immigration specialist Andre is the right person to go for.

I have to add that this is the first review I have ever written but Andre's help has changed my life and I would be happy if this review can change someone else's life." Client testimonial, 10th April 2018

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, you gave me something I have been working all my life for; freedom of choice!" Client testimonial, 13th March 2018

"Our experience with Andre was extremely positive. He was highly professional and kept us updated and informed throughout our application. We will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for legal advice. Thank you!" - Client testimonial, 12th March 2018

"Cartwright King Solitors and namely Andre Minaar provided an exceptional service . I am seventy years old, partially sighted and in what I felt to be a most uncertain immigration climate, applied for indefinite leave to remain. Andre in a very supportive and patient manner guided me through the process. He left no stone unturned regarding the supporting documentation and anything else that could delay the process. The application was successful. Thank you Andre." - Client testimonial, 21st February 2018

"Your service was amazing; professional, friendly, supportive and kept me informed. You left no stone un-turned in helping my application to be successful. I can't sing your praises loudly enough." - Client testimonial, 19th February 2018

"I'm so very happy about the great news. After all these years I finally feel free from slavery and I got my life back. I couldn't have done this on my own; I didn't have the strength to fight these people. Thank you so very much Andre for saving my life and my kids’ lives and also their future, and giving us a new better life. Only God knows what I went through in my life. You’re the best. We won Andre, we won." Client testimonial - 19th February 2018

"Thank you so much for all you have done to get us through this difficult and I think rather unique situation. The service you have provided us has been first class and I would recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation." Client testimonial - 29th December 2017

"I’m so glad to assign my case to Cartwright King Solicitors, they have done a fantastic job and I’m totally satisfied with their services. Special thanks to Mr Minnaar for all his efforts and his professional advice." Client testimonial - 30th December 2017

"My dealings were with Andre Minnaar who I found to be attentive, prompt and to the point in his handling of my case. I have recently had a positive outcome of the case in question and I couldn’t be happier. Andre has always given me sound advice and guidance. This service, I’m happy to say, encourages me to recommend Cartwright King to friends and family." Client testimonial - 28th December 2017

"We would like to say ‘thank you very much’. From the very first meeting in the Birmingham Library until today you have been very kind and helpful to us. We also received a positive response from you. We really appreciate your hard work, you have done an excellent job. You are an asset to Cartwright King." Client testimonial - 28th December 2017

"I would highly recommend Cartwright King Solicitors. Andre Minnaar was my solicitor. He was very instrumental in the success of my case. From our first encounter he made me feel at ease. Having dealt with Immigration solicitors in the past I felt Andre had a genuine interest in my case. He is very meticulous, very knowledgeable and very professional. He is very up to date with all the immigration laws, therefore he was able to give me the best possible help and advice so that my case would be a success." Client testimonial - 19th November 2017

"Thank you for all your hard work on my case. I would like to reinforce the the fact that from our first phone correspondence all those years ago I have always felt your genuine interest in my case and your hard work an dedication will always be appreciated." Client testimonial - 17th November 2017

"I was really worried about my immigration case but I got in touch with immigration specialist, Mr Andre Minnaar. He is such a nice person and helped me a lot in various ways, he is very experienced. I'm really appreciative of the service provided by Andre. Thank you so much Andre, I'll recommend you to my friends and family!" Client testimonial - 2nd November 2017

"Andre Minaar was my legal representative and I found him to be a truly knowledgeable professional. He responds to calls, messages and emails in a timely manner and was a pleasure to deal with. I'm very happy with the service I received and would happily recommend!" Client testimonial - 13th October 2017

"Andre was fantastic from the start and most importantly of all our visa application was successful!! Throughout the process Andre and everyone I met at Cartwright King were professional, polite and helpful." Client testimonial - 30th September 2017

"Andre Minnaar, our Legal Representative, worked on my EEA residency card. There were many challenges along the way, but through Andre's tenacity and knowledge, all is now resolved. I am aware that this is Andre's job; however, I am still extremely impressed by how quickly he got things done despite the obstacles that were encountered. He has a very calm manner and I always felt assured after talking with him. I cannot praise him enough. I would also like to thank everyone at Cartwright King Solicitors that we spoke to for their politeness and professionalism." Client testimonial - 26th September 2017

"We had a professional, efficient service from start to finish. Our case was handled swiftly but in depth with a Legal Representative who genuinely cared. Andre has a warm friendly nature which makes him very approachable. We didn't feel like just another 'file'. All communication and updates were given to us as they were received so we never had to chase anything. This is in stark contrast to previous solicitors...we have never looked back! We will continue to recommend Cartwright King Solicitors to others." Client testimonial - 24th September 2017

"Mr Minnaar was referred to me with high recommendations by a friend. He is friendly and accessible; very knowledgeable and thorough in dealing with my case. He has my best wishes to continue supporting his clients." Client testimonial - 26th August 2017

"Our correspondence with Andre Minaar was second to none with every question or query answered by email immediately. Also an exceptional pleasant person with obvious A1 expertise." Client Testimonial - 24th August 2017

"We really appreciate you. Thank you so very much, I am short of words. You have been wonderful, thank you for everything you have done to make us achieve this victory!" Client Testimonial - 7th August 2017

"I have no words to express our gratitude for your continued support. We are so glad about the decision. Once again thank you so much for your kind support and we really do appreciate your hard work." Client Testimonial - 1st August 2017

"Thank you for all your hard work and patience. We feel confident that you've helped us put forward a true and thorough account. I don't think anyone could have done a better job than you. Thank you again." Client Testimonial - 6th July 2017

"Excellent in every respect. Andre was very knowledgeable. He gave us realistic hope for our situation through clear, precise and concise communication and genuine empathy. We felt fully supported and informed throughout the whole process." Client Testimonial- 5th July 2017

"My case was dealt with very professionally from start to finish and I am very happy with the services provided by Andre. I visited many solicitors within the UK but no one was able to provide such a high level of knowledge to do with asylum and immigration. I will be forever grateful for the outstanding service." Client Testimonial - 26th May 2017

Andre was able to persuade the Government that an Afghan interpreter working for the British Forces should be granted asylum after the client had received threats on their life from the Taliban. Initially, it was ruled that asylum would not be granted as both the Home Office and the courts reasoned that it was an inherent part of working for the army that you may face danger. This decision was met with outrage by those involved with the case and various politicians and lead to extensive media coverage of the story following Andre’s uptake of his case. Since the initial ruling, Andre argued the clients’ case that their safety was in far worse danger than that usually affiliated with being in the army if they were to be sent back to Afghanistan. This case lead to the decision being overturned in a dramatic U-turn by the Home Office and the client has now been granted asylum in the United Kingdom. Client testimonial - May 11th 2017

"Andre, Thanks ever so much. I should congratulate you for your great work and dedication & helping us to sort out this case." Client testimonial - March 23rd 2017

"My first (free) phone call with Andre saved us more money than we spent on the legal fees. We were definitely going down the wrong path with our visa application, which could have caused us endless problems. Andre was patient and friendly as he helped us through the stressful process of ensuring all the right conditions were in place and gathering all the documentation we needed. We got the result we wanted first time and are now together again." Client testimonial - February 21st 2017

"The support we’ve had from the knowledgeable and friendly lawyer, Andre Minnaar, has been absolutely First Class." Read the full article by Sandra Walsh here.

"Thanks again for the FANTASTIC service. I have already recommended you to friends and customers and I will continue to do so!" Client testimonial - February 10th 2017

"God bless you. Thanks a lot for giving life to myself and my family. I have tears of joy in my eyes after going through your email. I can't explain my feelings. I am now free to fly to see my children. I don't have the words to thank you. I once again admire and am impressed with your professional service.We all will of course come personally to say thank you once we are in the UK. Thanking you once again." Client testimonial - February 9th 2017

"UK immigration is a minefield but with the support of Andre Minnaar, expect a positive result. Ours was a complicated case; my Indian partner and our adopted daughter had already been refused entry into the UK. Recognising that we needed professional support we applied for settlement visas through Andre Minnaar. Even then I fully anticipated another refusal following the predicted 3 month wait for the applications to be processed and a decision to be made. 3 weeks later, we were absolutely shocked and delighted to find that both my partner and our daughter had been granted their UK visas. This successful outcome could not have been possible without Andre. His experience is obvious; as is the pride he takes in his work. The detail matters, and he is a stickler for the detail; hence his impeccable record specialising in immigration. I will most certainly be using Andre in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone pursuing a positive outcome in matters of asylum and immigration." Client testimonial - January 10th, 2017

"We needed help to get our kids to the UK. They were born overseas (surrogacy) and the procedure to bring them here was quite complex, Andre acknowledged that this was a unusual case but, he did a lot of research and was very confident and reassuring. He managed to not only get the kids here but due to his very comprehensive submission, he achieved this in record time! Excellent work. Andre made the impossible become possible." Client testimony in surrogacy case – Dec 4th, 2016

"Very professional, honest and straight talking, ensured everything was explained thoroughly and kept us informed at every stage. Good correspondence and overall very happy with our outcome from Andre Minnaar's hard work and dedication." Client testimonial - November 22nd, 2016

"I approached you because you're one of the very few solicitors with a public LinkedIn profile which gave me confidence. So it's great that you had it. Our dealings have been pleasant and I am impressed by the quality of the organisation and paperwork." Client testimonial - July 26th, 2016

"Our Son met and married an Indonesian girl whilst working in Jakarta. We used CartwrightKing's services to successfully obtain a spouse visa for her to move to the UK. I thought this could be quite daunting, especially for our Son and Daughter in Law. However with Andre's knowledge and professional support throughout the process we were able to obtain without any issues. We will certainly be using his services again when it comes to renewal. I would highly recommend." Client testimonial - June 13th, 2016

"Andre is a very professional and competent Immigration Specialist. He has a world of knowledge and is always a pleasure to deal with. He always puts your best interests first and is always prompt and reliable. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting immigration help and advice." Client testimonial - January 12th, 2016

"Andre is an extremely professional Immigration Specialist, if anyone needs advice on this subject he is definitely the person to talk to. As a client of his I have appreciated the fact that he has kept me up to date throughout the process, from first contact to conclusion." Client testimonial - October 23rd, 2015

"Andre is a very professional individual who has been very thorough given excellent advise for an Immigration Service. He is extremely knowledgeable and has kept me informed on every stage of the Immigration process." Client testimonial - September 29th, 2015

“If you are looking for a high calibre immigration specialist, look no further than Andre Minnaar of Cartwright King Solicitors who have offices nationwide dealing in many areas of law. I recently had reason to look for an immigration lawyer and I consider myself very lucky in my choice of Andre Minnaar who, from beginning to end, proved to be a man dedicated to his undertaking of my case. He is diligent and knowledgeable of the law. His command of the English language and Legalese when composing official submissions, is very much praiseworthy and went a long way to contributing to a successful outcome.” Client testimonial - March 31st, 2015

"Immigration Problems? Andre is definitely the person you would like to speak to. Prompt, efficient, reliable, wealth of knowledge and experience, considering all possibilities that might work in your case. Andre helped us in less than 24 hours to a peace of mind and to stay in the UK! Simply fantastic." Client testimonial - January 22nd, 2015



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