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Gemma Redfern

Position(s)  Solicitor , Director

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence , Regulatory Law

Location(s)  Birmingham

Phone   0121 262 3804


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Gemma Redfern

Gemma Redfern is a specialist Fraud and Regulatory Solicior and Director. Gemma has over 14 years experience in representing clients in relation to complex criminal and regulatory investigations and/or prosecutions. She is able to deal with all aspects of such cases.  

Gemma frequently represents clients facing or requiring advice in relation to:

-    Company due diligence and regulatory compliance
-    ‘Whistleblowing’
-    Regulatory and criminal investigations 
-    Interviews under caution
-    Magistrates Court Proceedings 
-    Prosecutions before the Crown Courts
-    Director disqualification proceedings
-    Any and all matters pursued under the “proceeds of crime” provisions
-    Dealing with management/enforcement receivers 
-    Freezing, restraint and injunctive orders
-    Tax enquiries including those into off shore trusts and under disclosure provisions
-    Tax avoidance and tax evasion matters, including the advice ranging from COP9 agreements to civil recovery
-    Insurer funding
-    Appeals and reviews 

Gemma has extensive experience of investigations and prosecutions brought by; HMRC, SFO, NCA SOCA, The City of London Police, The Metropolitan Police, HSE, The Insolvency Service, BIS, (various) Local Authorities and the CPS Central Fraud Group and  Complex Case Unit. Many of the same often involve international investigations with cooperating authorities. 

Instructions received by Gemma vary between acting for corporate entities and individuals. Gemma has acted for several high net worth individuals and former directors and/or senior professionals, some of whom previously featured within the UK “rich lists” and involved cases which have attracted substantial national media attention. 

With Gemma’s practice areas having a particular emphasis on financial crime and regulation, she further specialises in all aspects of confiscation and restraint work. She regularly deals with all manner of ancillary confiscation matters under the Drug Trafficking Act 1994, Criminal Justice Act 1988 and POCA 2002, including matters of:

-    Restraint
-    Cash seizure and forfeiture 
-    Confiscation proceedings
-    Money laundering
-    Receivership
-    Affected third party interests
-    Applications to the High Court and Crown Courts for inadequacy 
-    Enforcement proceedings before the Magistrates Court 

Gemma’s work relating to substantial, complex, confiscation proceedings often means she deals with offshore trust law and complex company structuring. 

Some of Gemma’s previous notable instructions have included;

-    Acting for a professional mortgage advisor in relation to a substantial mortgage fraud case, including extremely complex POCA proceedings and restraint. 

-    Providing advice in relation to investigations conducted by the GDC including matters of 'whistleblowing'.

-    Representation of a company director in relation to allegations of involvement in a £multi-million construction industry based fraud, involving charges of defrauding the revenue of direct and indirect taxation under the CIS regime, the fraud being valued at over £26million.

-    Representation of numerous individuals/companies in relation allegations of involvement in MTIC/Carousel frauds in the mobile phone industry, including matters litigated before the tax tribunals for recovery of withheld VAT, £multi-million confiscation cases and insolvency investigations, as well as separate instructions received from the Legal Aid Agency to compile ‘deal chains’ for use by other Solicitors due to the sheer volume of MTIC/ Carousel work. 

-    Representation of an individual facing charges relating to International money laundering conducted via London based Bureau De Changes, the estimated value being over £30million in laundered funds. The case involved linked historical cases, director disqualification proceedings, substantial confiscation and restraint proceedings, as well as matters before the High Court regarding third party interests and overlapping historical confiscation orders. 

-    Various prosecutions involving alleged fake or fictitious companies established for the purpose of committing VAT fraud where invoicing placed the companies in positive reclaim positions.

-    Representation in relation to ‘Ponzi’ fraud allegations relating to carbon credit trading.

-    Representation of an individual facing cyber crime allegations conducted via the website ‘Confidential Access’. The same related to allegations of international identity fraud conducted via multiple jurisdictions and including investigations spanning Singapore, US and Hong Kong, with servers uplifted from multiple jurisdictions. The value of the fraud was estimated to be so large it could not be quantified.

-    Representation of company directors in relation to substantial cash seizure proceedings involving issues of ‘Hawala’ banking and allegations of money laundering, including advice in relation to company due diligence and regulatory compliance.

-    Multiple Defendant OCG class A drugs supply conspiracies spanning the UK, involving substantial telephone traffic evidence.

-    Defence of professional export/importer in relation to Major Class A importation case.

-    Complex mobile phone fraud case, involving international credit card fraud operating from Vietnam being utilised by a UK based OCG and fraudulent use of SIM cards through ‘switches’ causing £multi-million loses to individuals and phone companies.

-    International money laundering confiscation involving the laundering of $15million of funds stolen from a German bank, where funds were multi-layered through over 30 countries world wide, multiple off-shore company structures, Solicitors firms and in hundreds of property acquisitions. 

-    Arbitration involving insurers liability to fund complex criminal case.

-    Criminal investigations into of a former director of a ‘not for profit’ organisation to the value of £500,000, including allegations of money laundering and restraint, resulting in a caution.

-    Several regulatory investigations including Health and Safety issues arising from construction industry incidents and breaches of license for Food Hygiene matters.

-    Representation of an individual in SFO investigations into a substantial international investment fraud.

-    High Court Civil proceedings involving a complex £multi-million claim and counterclaim, involving allegations of theft of intellectual property rights, breaches of directors fiduciary duties and a failure to declare of ‘secret profits’. 

Gemma is a Legal Aid Agency Grade A Supervisor for the purpose of Fraud and Non Fraud VHCC work. Many of the cases managed by Gemma have had in excess of 500,000 pages of prosecution evidence and/or unused material and she has a keen ability to narrow relevant issues in extremely complex paper heavy cases.


"Also recommended is associate Gemma Redfern, who is 'a first rate lawyer’ with ‘excellent clients skills’, and Miqdad Marzook, who is also experienced in high profile fraud cases." - Legal 500 2018

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