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Glen Henry

Position(s)  Director , Solicitor Advocate

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence , Criminal Defence , Advocacy

Location(s)  London

Phone   0203 866 1843


Glen Henry

Glen Henry is a director and qualified solicitor.

Glen specialises in defending fraud, corruption, mortgage fraud, VAT fraud, MTIC fraud, Ponzi frauds and other large scale criminal allegations brought by prosecuting authorities including the SFO and HMRC. 

Glen has been a solicitor-advocate since 2008 and regularly conducts trials in the crown court. Glen defended the main LIBOR defendant, Tom Hayes in a large scale and far reaching SFO prosecution and trial. 

Most recently Glen has defended medical professionals, defending a NHS Consultant charged with Fraud and secured Not Guilty verdicts following a  five week trial. In addition Glen also recently defended four Bupa Nurses investigated for Patient Neglect, 3 of whom were not charged and the fourth acquitted at the Crown Court.   

Glen also specializes in challenging HMRC conduct in placing innocent business under strict monitoring regimes. 

Glen is considered to be an accomplished and extremely able Solicitor who works tirelessly for his clients to achieve the best possible outcome. 

  • R v F - Defending a Director charged with a 14 million investment/Ponzi fraud. Involving FSA/ FSMA, Restraint Order/ Director Disqualification/ Bankruptcy Proceedings and Confiscation.
  • R v H – Defended one of several defendants charged with multi million pound Boiler Room fraud being operated from Spain. 
  • R v C - Defended and successfully secured release on bail of person charged with Boiler Room fraud.
  • R v R - Defending 1.2 million mortgage and credit card fraud.
  • R v T - Defended person charged with £ ¾ million evasion fraud.
  • R v L - One of four defendants (Directors) charged with Corruption and Conspiracy to Defraud. Successfully argued an abuse of process and was the only defendant acquitted of all charges. Glen Henry was instructed as Junior Counsel.
  • R v Al-S - Successfully defended a high profile and politically sensitive Libyan national defendant on serious charges.
  • R v W - Successfully defended person charged with Murder.
  • R v A - Represented one of several defendants charged with a £ 1 million Conspiracy to defraud several motor insurance companies.
  • R v K - Represented a defendant charged with offences relating to Identity Theft and Internet banking fraud of over £100 million.
  • R v T - Represented one of three Directors charged with Conspiracy to defraud/ Mtic fraud. Successful argued a 90% reduction in Confiscation sought of over 1 million pound.
  • R v N - Represented Company director charged with various VAT and False Accountancy charges and related DTI investigations.
  • R v C - Represented one of several defendants charged with a £100 million evasion of excise duty. 


"Received a good service from Glen Henry at Cartwright King who helped me achieve a preferred outcome. Would recommend." Client testimonial, July 2018

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