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Heather Glover

Position(s)  Duty Solicitor

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence

Location(s)  Nottingham , Leicester

Phone   07458 053 630


Heather Glover

Heather Glover is a duty Solicitor based in our Nottingham office. 

Heather is a magistrates advocate – duty qualified to cover all criminal matters, as every case, even those committed to the crown court, are initially dealt with at the magistrates court. Heather also covers police station attendances whether that be voluntary or under arrest and is a commissioner for oaths. 

Although Heather covers magistrates court cases she also has a vast amount of knowledge of crown court work. 

Heather is passionate about her job and has represented many clients from as young as 10 years old. She has covered a wide variety of work to include cases involving complex proceeds of crime proceedings and high profile cases such as the Hinckley Road explosion in 2018. 


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