John Speight

Position(s)  Senior associate

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence, Criminal Defence, Regulatory Law

Location(s)  All offices

Phone  07841 870 943


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John has 35 years experience of all aspects of criminal and regulatory law. John specialises in serious fraud and regulatory work. Individually and with colleagues, he has been involved in some of the most high profile MTIC fraud cases investigated and prosecuted (Operations Emmersed, Euripus, Divert, Shepherd, Shoot to name but a few).

John has also diverse experience in other aspects of fraud and regulatory work having handled investigations and prosecutions by various agencies including DEFRA, SFO, BIS, FCA, EA and HSE. These have involved banks, building societies, insurers, food producers, waste recyclers and veterinary medicines importers. 

John has had experience in High Court civil work which gives him the ability to also deal with some of the ancillary work resulting from cases such as Property Freezing Orders and Property Recovery Orders. He also deals with confiscations and detentions of cash.

Recently, John has expanded his area of practice to deal with the increasing number of cases of alleged tax evasion being investigated by HMRC Criminal Investigation Units. This has also lead to an increase in his work dealing with VAT Assessments, Enquiries, Schedule 36 Notices, Appeals and VAT Tribunal work.

John's most recent instructions include:

  • Operation LITHIUM: Prosecution of £26 million metals fraud and associated money laundering.
  • Operation HAIRBALL: Prosecution of £500,000.00 revenue evasion.
  • Operation BULLOCK: Prosecution of Company Director for VAT and Corporation Tax evasion.
  • Operation INFERNO: Investigation of alleged multi million pound cross border money laundering and tax evasion.
  • Operation DUFFELBAG: Investigation of alleged multi million pound Tax Fraud via the use of offshore accounts and structures.
  • Operation BARBADOS: Investigation of alleged £40 million VAT fraud using VOIP trading and electrical goods.
  • Operation SNIP: Investigation of alleged multi million pound fraud in the building industry.
  • Operaration STATION: Investigation into an alleged repayment fraud to the value of £5/6 million. 


Specialist area(s):
Criminal Defence, Fraud

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