Neil Davis

Position(s)  Associate, Solicitor

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence, Advocacy, Road Transport, Motoring Law

Location(s)  Birmingham

Phone  07540 777 180


Neil Davis is a senior solicitor within the criminal law department.

Neil was one of the first solicitors in Birmingham to obtain a higher rights qualification. 

Neil has had success in defending clients both in the Crown Court and the Magistrates Court. He has dealt with the whole ambit of criminal cases from minor Magistrates' cases to Murder and Fraud in the Crown Court. He has also successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal.

Neil has represented clients in mental health appeal tribunals and traffic commissioner hearings as well as having experience of dealing with criminal case review cases.

Notable Cases

R v Aaron Parkins: Murder - client charged with triple murder during the Birmingham Riots acquitted following trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

R v Apabhai: Large scale VAT fraud operation Euripus involving mobile telephones - 3 month trial at Southwark Crown Court followed by appeal.

R v Qadeem Mohammed and others: Attempted Murder involving rival gangs in Birmingham.

R v Bodman and others: Fraud - successful applications to dismiss at Cardiff Crown Court.

R v Foster and others: Stafford Crown Court trial - multi million pound nationwide fraud involving the selling of hot tubs.

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