Paul Fleming

Position(s)  Barrister

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence, Advocacy

Location(s)  Sheffield

Phone  07715 375 882


Paul is a Barrister and works as a senior in-house counsel from his chambers in Leeds. Prior to joining the Bar he was a solicitor undertaking industrial personal injury litigation, divorce, family and general common law claims based in Nottingham 

Paul has  conducted cases and practiced in various Civil and Criminal Courts throughout the UK including, Birmingham, Chester, ,Grimsby, Hull, Leeds ,Lincoln, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Teeside, and York.  Paul has undertaken a range of work including personal injury, general common law, private and public law child cases.

In addition to Crown Court appearances he has also been involved in care proceedings as an advocate as well as Courts Martial centres at Catterick and Bulford.
Progressively specialising in all types of serious criminal defence in the last 20 years, he has made regular appearances in the Court of Appeal and in the case of R v Savage before the House of Lords.  Over the past 10 years he has been instructed in the defence of Police Officers in both the criminal courts and in connection with disciplinary proceedings.
Paul has also secured acquittals in cases of historic sexual abuse, rape trials.  One of these involved two male Defendant’s engaging in sexual activity some of which was filmed by the Defendant and  was played  at the trial.
After a four week trial in which over 400 pages of telephone cell site and text message traffic were presented the Defendant was acquitted of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.
He has also made a number of appearances in the Court of Appeal on applications for leave to appeal against convictions and sentence as well as a successful appeal against sentence. He has also twice sought to have important points of law certified by the Court of Appeal to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court which have been declined, and in which application to the CCRC are being considered.
He has previously been instructed in a range of serious criminal cases  including  drugs, sexual offences, fraud and murder and other types  serious violence.
Paul has also prosecuted for the CPS, H.M. Customs and Excise in drugs cases, as well as represented soldiers charged with a range of offences including a Courts Martial in Germany on an allegation of Section 18.


  • Member of Grays Inn since 1983

Noteable Cases:

  • R v S & P 1992 UK HL 3 (Mens rea of assault)
  • R v E and others (manslaughter, misfeasance in public office defence, arising out of death in Police custody.)
  • In 2015 he represented defendants facing allegations of serious historical sexual abuse, major drug conspiracies involving the cultivation of industrial quantities of cannabis and the smuggling of over £150 million of Class A drugs.  In addition he appears in cases involving fraudserious assaults, manslaughter and murder, robbery, blackmail and money laundering.
  • Case concerning the importation of cocaine worth £160 million by yacht from South America. Defended the wife of one of the principals who had  received a 16 year sentence when he pleaded at the first opportunity.  She was acquitted of participation in the conspiracy,( but convicted of money laundering)
  • Led in the case of Savage (Parminter) addressing the mens rea for assault in the House of Lords.
  • Was led in four murders trials and conducted a fifth case in which a manslaughter conviction was secured on a negotiated plea. 
  • Case involving the manufacture of pipe bombs to blackmail and kidnap he has represented clients in a range of cases.
  • Paul has been instructed since November 2015 in trials involving:- five historic sex cases, two rapes, a major drug conspiracy of Class A drugs, a fraud involving over £2 million by an employee. A very sophisticated fraud involving multiple victims using the internet involving real and false sites advertising bogus jobs in order to provide checks on records of would be employees. This fraud involved  opening of UK bank accounts and the export of funds to foreign accounts, the scam being conducted from outside the United Kingdom.
  • Paul has also appeared before Teeside Crown Court in a case reported in the National press and featured on BBC TV concerning the prohibition on selling set top boxes designed to view pay for view material for free. 
  • Case involving failures to follow service provisions in the prosecution of civilian employees subject to Army Regulations.
  • Case regarding the residential status of tenant of premises part of which has been used by an immediate landlord who had no power to sublet and in respect of areas of the premises outside that part purported to be rented used for the production of cannabis..
  • Case involving the securing of the return of convicted clients to their national state  sentenced to imprisonment who made subject to licence requirements requiring them to remain in the U.K.
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