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Philip Bown

Position(s)  Barrister , Senior associate

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence , Criminal Defence , Advocacy

Location(s)  Nottingham

Phone   0115 838 7574


Philip Bown

Philip Bown is a Skilful and experienced advocate in both East and West Midlands for over 25 years.

With an extensive range of cases under his belt, including murder, manslaughter, drugs and sex cases in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal, Philip has a broad and detailed experience of serious business defence work.

Over the past 15 years he has specialised in fraud, commercial and regulatory crime. In the past Philip has acted for the Serious Fraud Office and Economic Crime Unit in the Midlands which provides him with a unique insight into the way in which these authorities approach cases.

His extensive experience in defence work enables him to bring his individual approach to clients from an early stage in proceedings to the trial itself.


''Your meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and real presence in the courtroom, was evident throughout the trial and we will always be thankful of your efforts to get the best possible outcome for us. We were also really appreciative of your honestly and transparency from the offset, as we were kept well informed of developments as the proceedings evolved. Furthermore, we are particularly grateful that you kept your client's welfare at the heart of everything and were mindful of the wider implications on the family, and therefore acted sensitively throughout.'' - Client testimonial, June 2019

I was in no condition to write anything legible or logical last night! I want to thank you. You are a quietly, softly spoken, amazing guy.
I wish I had not met you; but thank the gods I did. I wish I had not met you: of course, the circumstances alone. But your intelligence: maybe a little more than mine. Your ability to use logic: maybe around =. But your prescience, your quiet but firm control, your consummate skill in what you do! Well, thank the gods you were my barrister, and not working for the prosecution! 
I am not that person. On my own I would have destroyed any slim chance I had of that verdict. It as almost entirely down to you (& of course, the embarrassing prosecution counsel: sorry but I had to get in one snide remark in the eulogy). I shall never know to what extent luck had to do with the outcome; but without doubt you were indispensable. Thanks Mr. Bown - Client testimonial April 2019
''Just how do I begin, if I live to be 100 I would never ever be able to find the right words to say thank you for what you have done for both Sylvia and myself. I know you will say that you were only doing your job, but my goodness what an incredible guy you are. The powerful statements you made in court just blew me away, you must have an amazing memory.

From the first day I met you, I knew instantly that you had an enormous wealth of experience, what I didn’t realise is just how amazing you were at your job, I am so so glad you were on my side !!!. Thank you for always going the extra mile and believing in me, along with Sylvia and her family even in my darkest hour ( of which there were many) the knowledge that I had people like yourself fighting my corner gave me great strength.

I would not wish what I have been through for the last fifteen months on anyone, and I know that I would never have survived in prison, especially knowing that I was innocent and I still cannot understand why so many innocent people have to go through this powerful crushing experience and the evil accusers get away scot free, My heart goes out to all others that in the past and future find themselves embroiled in such a hateful situation. What a cruel and spiteful world we now live in. In my 72 years I have met many great people, but without a shadow of doubt, you are the most amazing, genuine true gentleman that I have ever met, it has been almost (well almost) worth being in this situation just to have the humbling experience of meeting you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from both myself and Sylvia.'' Client testimonial - March 2019

Specialist area(s):
​Advocacy, BIS & Commercial, Business Defence, Fraud, HMRC, Proceeds of Crime Act and Trading Standards & Agencies


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