Suzanne Francis

Position(s)  Barrister

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence, Advocacy

Location(s)  Birmingham

Phone  07713 306 981


Suzanne Francis is a Barrister for our bespoke in-house Chambers.

Since being called to the Bar in 2001 at Gray's Inn, Suzanne has practiced Criminal Law for over 17 years dealing with the full range of Criminal offences for both Prosecution and Defence.  

Prior to practicing Criminal Law Suzanne was the Clerk to Lord Justice Judge – the Senior Presiding Judge of England & Wales and practiced Family Law. Additionally, Suzanne spent 7 years in Chambers in London before joining the British Army as a Captain in the Army Legal Services where she appeared in Court-Martial in Germany, Cyprus and the United Kingdom and advised on military disciplinary matters.

A friendly and approachable advocate who instantly puts clients at ease, Suzanne has dealt with the most serious of Criminal offences. Her practice consists of a broad criminal spectrum including historic sex offences, drug conspiracies and violent crime. She has extensive experience in defending cases concerning serious sexual offences having conducted many trials involving allegations of historic rape and sexual abuse including familial rape and cases involving very young children. Suzanne has also dealt with cases which include Murder (Junior Counsel), Attempted Murder and offences involving drugs and fraud.

An outstanding advocate with vast experience dealing with clients with particular specialised needs such as youth offenders and those with mental health issues.

Suzanne is also a member of Gray's Inn.


Notable Cases



  • R v CD 2013  CCC – Junior in Murder case. After psychiatric assessment ruled Defendant was ‘fit to plead’ I appeared alone for sentence and plea in mitigation.
  • R v AH 2013  Wood Green CC – successful acquittal in large scale Conspiracy to commit robberies in cash in transit robberies – cell site analysis.
  • R v IS 2012 Reading Crown Court – Junior Counsel in Manslaughter and Death by Dangerous Driving case – First ‘Cash for Crash’ scheme to cause death of driver.
  • R v  DH 2011  Isleworth CC - Instructed alone on Attempted Murder case. Successful Application to Dismiss.
  • R v TK 2007 CCC– Junior on an Attempted Murder and Murder of Defendant’s ex-wife and her new partner. Witnessed by Defendant’s very young son. All witnesses and Defendant’s evidence given through interpreters.



  • R v DP 2017 Birmingham CC – Successful acquittal of Defendant accused of a 3 year campaign of raping and abusing his girlfriend from 16 to 19 years old.
  • R v MP 2017 Birmingham CC  - Successful application for a Mental Health disposal following Guilty pleas to rape and sexual assault of step-sister where D profoundly deaf and fitness to plead issues present.
  • R v MT 2017 Wolverhampton CC – Two allegations of historical serious sexual offences by two school friends by family friend – initial acquittal on first Complainant and full acquittal of all counts after re-trial.
  • R v TG 2016 Leicester CC – Successful acquittal of Defendant accused of years of rapes and sexual and physical assaults of wife by husband.
  • R v MK & Anor 2013 Croydon CC – Successful acquittal of one of two men accused of raping and abducting a stranger from the street.
  • R v NH 2013 Snaresbrook CC – Successful acquittal of Defendant with learning difficulties accused of sexual activity with his 4 year old neighbour whilst babysitting.
  • R v WS & Anor 2013 St Albans CC – Successful acquittal of Defendant accused of gang rape with his friend of a waitress at Christmas works do hotel party.
  • R v PP 2012 Woolwich CC – Successful acquittal of Father accused of sexual activity against his biological daughter aged 4-6 years old.
  • R v LB 2011 Southend CC – Successful acquittal after re-trial of stranger rape.
  • R v DD-C 2010 Basildon CC – Successful acquittal of Defendant accused of sexually assaulting disabled 12 year old girl as he was fixing her wheelchair.
  • R v CM 2010  Reading CC – Successful acquittal of a Defendant accused of raping a young girl with learning difficulties – intermediary for Complainant.
  • R v AF 2009 Reading CC – Successful acquittal of rape where Complainant claimed she was raped whilst highly intoxicated in a graveyard and incapable of giving consent 
  • R v TF 2009 Reading CC - convicted of serious sexual offences against foster parents pet dog. Secured a Community Order following psychiatric and psychological evidence
  • R v DP 2008  Isleworth CC – Successful acquittal of youth with learning difficulties accused of rape of his neighbour.  Defendant gave evidence over video-link – first usage for a Defendant in London.



  • R v DC 2018 Birmingham CC - Representing a Father for plea and sentence for cruelty to his 11 day old baby son.
  • R v MJ & oths Worcester CC – Representing a Defendant for sentence in a large scale drugs conspiracy (cocaine). 
  • R v LP  2017 Birmingham CC – Representing a Defendant for plea and sentence for an extremely serious assault on a cancer patient in remission.
  • R v IW 2017 Stafford CC – Acquittal of a serious allegation of GBH by doorman on customer said to be witnessed by 4 witnesses in the Public House. Self-Defence.
  • R v LB 2012 Snaresbrook CC – Successful acquittal in large scale Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis – ten defendants.
  • R v KS & oths 2011 Lewes CC – Successful acquittal of ‘honey-trap’ Defendant in a kidnap, false imprisonment and serious assault drug gang case.
  • R v KK & oths 2009 Reading CC – Successful No Case to Answer application for get-away driver in a drugs gang serious robbery and GBH. 

All other Defendants were convicted.

  • R V SN  2008 Oxford CC– Successful acquittal of a Defendant with mental health issues who had stockpiled bomb-making equipment and literature.
  • R v OK 2006 Isleworth CC– Represented Britain’s most prolific Bigamist for plea and sentence 


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