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Cartwright King is a highly regarded law firm, recognised by the Legal 500. With an extremely knowledgeable team of child care solicitors in London, we can offer professional legal advice to clients in and around the capital, as well as the rest of the UK. Not afraid of hard work or time-sensitive deadlines, we can make ourselves available to represent you, exploring every option to give you and your children the best chance of a successful result.

Whether your need for one of our expert child care solicitors stems from a pre-proceedings letter or the need for a Child Arrangement Order, we can support you through each step of the process. From Child Law to matters of Advanced Family Law, our lawyers have experience of a range of cases, each with its own complexities.  

From child care proceedings to divorce and separation, every need for a child care solicitor is emotionally-charged and upsetting for all involved. With experience across diverse case studies, we understand the emotional poignancy of involving solicitors and legal proceedings. That is why, we always put the child’s welfare first, providing you with peace of mind that the result will be the best for your child. Equally, we are here for you too. Alongside our legal advice, we will be a phone call away throughout your case.

In addition to our London office in the heart of the capital, our child care solicitors are also no strangers to supporting families with legal advice remotely via online, video meetings and telephone conversations. 

Contact our child care solicitors on 0203 866 1844 or fill out our online enquiry form to schedule your FREE, initial telephone consultation.

How Cartwright King’s Solicitors Can Help

Our child care solicitors located in England’s capital are highly skilled in a variety of Child Law and Advanced Family Law matters. With an impressive track record, your casework will never be rushed or forgotten. Our practitioners will also manage your case effectively ensuring you have the best chance at achieving the best outcome. Their experience includes: 

The Child Care Proceedings Process

When the Local Authority has serious concerns about a child’s care and welfare, it is their responsibility to intervene. However, the social services cannot remove a child from their home environment without following the typical child care proceedings, stipulated in the Public Law Outline Procedure. There are only two instances where a child can be removed immediately from their home address: if the child has already come to harm, or they are at severe risk of harm. Under these circumstances, the social services department will involve the police. 

The police have protective powers that enable them to remove a child for up to 72 hours to keep them safe. In more extreme cases, the police can apply for an Emergency Protection Order which allows the child to be taken from their home for 8 days. It is worth remembering that this is not common practice and will only happen when a child is in immediate danger. If the police have been involved by your Local Authorities, it is paramount to appoint yourself legal representation. Our child care solicitors in London can assist you during this process with the utmost discretion and respect. 

For the majority of child care proceedings, a court case and the removal of children from their family home is the last resort. A pre-proceedings process will begin, allowing the social services to make their concerns known to the parents. A pre-proceedings meeting will be arranged to enable all parties to actively improve the situation, removing the need for further action. However, a ‘public law’ case will follow if the pre-proceedings process proves unsuccessful.

There are often four hearings that make up a ‘public law’ case, including:

  • A Case Management Hearing – this initial hearing will provide a summary of the hearings to come and the structure they will follow. The main aim is to outline when and how your case will be decided.
  • A Contested Removal Hearing – if social services have suggested the removal of a child, the parents/guardians have the right to argue against this decision. Here your solicitor will present your case contesting the removal and the court will weigh up the evidence, having the deciding ruling on where the children will reside during the hearings.
  • An Issues Resolution Hearing – next all parties will state their opinions on what should happen. This hearing attempts to address all issues that are presented, deciding on the best course of action. Our London child care solicitors team will be able to collate all the necessary information and evidence to best present your case.
  • The Final Hearing –  if the court needs more time resolving your case, a Final Hearing is arranged. During which, the Judge will hear all the evidence and arguments again, allowing them to make the final decision.

Arrange Your Free Initial Consultation

At Cartwright King, we understand the importance of trust within your relationship with your legal representative. Throughout such an emotionally sensitive case, it is crucial you can open up and put your trust within your child care solicitor. As they will be representing you if your pre-proceedings meeting progresses to court, you need to ensure you can build a rapport. Therefore, we offer all our potential clients the chance to get to know us in a no-obligation telephone conversation.This FREE initial consultation aims to:

  • Provide an introduction to yourself and your case
  • Establish your child care position and the details this entails
  • Explain the options available to you

All introductory conversations are completely free of charge and private. We want you to treat this telephone call as a chance to get an idea of how our solicitors work and whether their working practices suit you. If our legal expertise is not for you, don’t worry; there is no obligation to appoint us after your consultation.

*Please note this initial consultation is purely a “get to know you” chat and will not include legal advice or from our child care solicitors. 

Our Child Care Soliciting Fees

Everyone should have access to quality legal advice, regardless of the circumstances leading to your case. Our professional solicitors are available to provide legal representation to all. With child care hearings and advanced family law cases, our expertise is vital in handling these proceedings without judgement or bias. 

We, therefore, have an open and transparent pricing structure for our child care soliciting services. With fixed-term rates for private paying clients, contact us today.

Why Choose Cartwright King?

All of our child care solicitors and lawyers are highly respected by both the Legal 500 and the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession; we are trusted in providing exceptional legal service, regardless of your Child Law and Family Law matters. Our solicitors understand the importance of listening to you, ensuring they have a firm understanding of your position before recommending a bespoke plan of action. 

Casework is never rushed at Cartwright King; instead, our solicitors manage their time to guarantee the finer details are never excluded. That being said, they are not afraid of pressured deadlines and are always available to take off the stress. If you need their advice, night or day, they are there to support you both professionally and personally. Child and Family Law cases are emotionally challenging, so let us help you take care of your legal proceedings. 

Find our London Offices

Cartwright King has three London based offices: Central London, East London and West London.

Central London Office

  • Angel Islington, London N1 9PP

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Frequently asked questions.

What does a child protection lawyer do?

Child protection lawyers have a diverse workload that includes representing clients in legal proceedings and hearings, supporting and advising parents, family members and guardians and working alongside social workers and the Local Authorities. They are legal professionals who build a rapport with their clients, speaking on their behalf in order to present their cases. 

From Emergency Protection Orders to Pre-Proceedings Meetings, including applications of Care Orders, Supervision Orders, and Special Guardianship Orders, a child protection lawyer works to achieve the solution that best protects a child’s welfare.

What is a child care solicitor?

Child care solicitors are specific types of lawyers who specialise in complex and sensitive child care proceedings. The initial concerns that bring these cases into discussion come directly from the Local Authority’s social services department. These issues have been brought to their attention by schools, hospitals, members of the public, or general details that are on record. Regardless of the source, social services have concerns over the safety, welfare and care of a child, and raise a pre-proceedings case to investigate. 

The child care solicitor will work alongside the parents or guardians to offer expert legal advice on the process and how best they can respond to the Local Authority’s concerns. If matters progress, the solicitor will act as the legal representative in court. 

What can child protection do?

Child protection is the duty of social services. If they are ever concerned about the welfare and safety of a child, it is their responsibility to report this to the necessary authorities. In instances where a child is not at immediate risk, the social services are required to inform the parents and guardians of their concerns, in line with the Public Law Outline Procedure

Despite how many people feel, this process is in place to avoid cases escalating to court; the aim is not to separate families but look to safeguard a child’s care. Court cases are a last resort. Instead, social services will work alongside child care solicitors to do everything possible to keep families together. However, unfortunately, this is not always an option. In these instances, the child’s welfare leads to a decision and a court may be needed to assess the best ruling. 

Why do I need a child care solicitor?

Child care solicitors are paramount to Child Care Proceedings and Advanced Family Law Cases. On top of the emotional distress these cases can cause, many legal processes and protocols must be fulfilled. To help you understand this, and have the best chance at a successful case, a child care solicitor in London is needed to cut through the legal jargon. They will be able to take the load off you, ensuring you are heard throughout the proceedings. By taking care of all the paperwork and collation of evidence, you can focus on the care your child needs. 

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