Police Protection Order

Police protection order
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If your child has been removed from your care due to police intervention, also known as Police Protection Order (PPO) you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. To get the high-quality legal support you need, contact Cartwright King’s specialist team of child care solicitors. Recognised by the Legal 500 and with a proven track record of success, we are experts in the field.

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What is a Police Protection Order (PPO)?

A Police Protection Order (PPO) refers to a situation when police use their powers of protection under the Children Act 1989 to safeguard a child who is reasonably believed to be at risk of significant harm. 

Despite the term being widely used, there is no such official order and the police do not need to ask the court for permission to take your child into police protection. They simply need to have reasonable cause to believe that a child would otherwise be likely to suffer significantly in order to use their powers.

When the police use their powers of protection it will be in an emergency situation to keep a child safe. If exercised, the police will remove the child from their current home and move them to a place they believe is safer for the child and where they will receive appropriate care. 

Although a child can be removed from your care by the police they must have a warrant to come into your home or have your permission to enter. They cannot force entry and take the child unless there is evidence to suggest it is a matter of life or death. In that case, under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 they may enter any property without a warrant.

Legal Proceedings Following a PPO

The police protection order (PPO) is temporary and can only last up to 72 hours. However, it is usually followed by formal legal proceedings, such as a Care Order or a Supervision Order application. 

During the 72-hour window, the Social Services can take the necessary steps to apply for any orders from the Court so that there is a plan for the long term care of the child. This will almost certainly lead to Care Proceedings being started. 

In such situations, taking action swiftly is of the utmost importance. In order to support you through this process, speak to the Cartwright King team as soon as possible. We will be able to advise you on what to do next and we will do everything in our power to keep your family together. 

How can we help you?

In this situation it is paramount to get legal advice on the matter. If you or somebody you know needs help with or information on a Police Protection Provisions or care orders, our experienced Child Care solicitors are available to advise you throughout the entire process to adhere to the procedure and build a strong case for your defence. We promise to:

  • Advise you throughout the entire process
  • Treat your case in a non-judgemental, sensitive manner
  • Deal confidentially with any concerns you may have
  • Represent you in court where necessary
  • Prepare and collate any and all documentary evidence that may be required
  • Take the worry off your hands
  • Prepare an appeal if necessary

Our team are highly ranked in the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners guides. We have extensive experience in successfully defending child care related matters, with our acclaimed Child Care solicitors who are renowned for their professional approach.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Section 46?

Section 46 of the Children Act 1989 gives the police the power to either remove a child to suitable accommodation and keep them there or take such steps as are reasonable to ensure that the child’s removal from any hospital, or another place, in which they are being accommodated is prevented. 

Can the police enter my home without permission?

No, the police cannot enter your home without permission in order to exercise their power of protection, unless there is a life or death situation. 

Do the police have parental responsibility under a PPO?

No, a police protection order does not place parental responsibility on the police but it allows them to take your child into their care for 72 hours. 

Do I need a solicitor to deal with a police protection order?

Yes, exercising police power of protection is an extreme measure that precedes formal legal proceedings, so getting legal advice early on gives you the best chance of success. If your child has been taken by the police, speak to the Cartwright King team for advice today. 

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