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Cartwright King is a highly regarded law firm recognised by the Legal 500, offering advice on all types of fraud and tax allegations, from minor fraud offences committed by individuals to complex, high-value corporate fraud cases. Over the last decade, our fraud solicitors have worked with a variety of clients in Birmingham and the West Midlands to achieve an optimal outcome.

We understand the severity of the impact tax and fraud charges may have on your reputation and your financial future, so we act quickly to ensure you have the best possible chances of success. Our fraud lawyers are by your side at every stage of your case, whether you have been arrested, you are under investigation or you are already facing fraud proceedings.

Speak to Cartwright King’s fraud defence team today on 0121 270 1988 or fill out our online enquiry form to get a FREE, no-obligation telephone consultation with a fraud solicitor in Birmingham. 

How Cartwright King Birmingham can help

At Cartwright King, we regularly provide criminal fraud defence for clients in Birmingham and the surrounding area. Our top-ranked team of fraud solicitors can advise you whether you are still under investigation or facing fraud charges. 

We specialise in serious fraud cases and have a proven success record in resolving cases related to a wide range of charges including (but not limited to):


HMRC Tax Investigations

Are you under an investigation by the HMRC? With enforcement officers being allowed to enter your premises without prior notices, look through your confidential documents and seize or freeze assets, serious fraud investigations can be intrusive and distressing. 

Cartwright King Birmingham ensures you have specialist fraud solicitors in your corner to oversee the legality of the process and limit the potential damages caused by these disruptions. We are here to offer sensible advice and protect your rights whether you are being investigated by the HMRC or another national or international agency.  

Free, Initial, No-Obligation Consultation

At Cartwright King Birmingham, we understand that facing fraud allegations is a difficult situation and we are here to offer you legal guidance you can rely on. When you first contact us, you are entitled to a free, initial telephone consultation. 

This first conversation* allows us to:

  • Learn more about you and your circumstance 
  • Get to know the details of your case and the allegations made against you 
  • Discuss how we can help you with your fraud defence

Everything we talk about during that call is completely confidential, so you can speak to us freely. As this is a no-obligation conversation only, it gives you the opportunity to make up your mind whether our fraud solicitors in Birmingham are the right team for you. If you are not ready to commit after the initial call, you don’t have to and you don’t owe us anything. 

*Please note that this is a “get to know you” conversation only and no in-depth legal advice will be offered during the initial phone call. 

Why Choose Cartwright King’s Fraud Solicitors in Birmingham?

Recognised by Legal 500, Cartwright King Birmingham has an expert team of fraud solicitors who regularly advise private and business clients in the area on issues relating to fraud and tax offences. We have the knowledge and experience to handle serious fraud cases and represent you at trial if needed.

Starting with our free, initial consultation, we are here to support you at every stage until the case is resolved. Our team works calmly under pressure and we always look for new and resourceful solutions to implement. You can trust us to handle your case with discretion and protect your reputation as much as possible to limit the negative impact of the allegations on your life. 

Cartwright King Solicitors have modern offices in the heart of Birmingham city centre but our closest fraud team is located in London. This is why we often offer legal advice to clients in the West Midlands via phone or online video conferencing. Our flexible approach allows us to assist you any time, anywhere so you can get the legal support you need immediately. 

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Frequently asked questions.

What is serious fraud?

High-value fraud, such as corporate fraud, investment fraud, pyramid schemes, cartels, corruption and bribery are considered serious fraud. This type of fraud usually involves complex investigations by a number of national and foreign (for cross-border cases) agencies. The penalty for serious fraud is up to 10 years in prison and fines proportionate to the crime (no upper limit).

What are the most common types of fraud offences?

Fraud covers a wide range of offences but some of the most common types our fraud solicitors in Birmingham advise clients on include:


  • Credit Card Fraud – Any fraudulent activity, including cloning/skimming a card, using a stolen card, stealing and/or selling stolen cards  
  • Investment Fraud – This includes some of the most common corporate fraud offences, including boiler room fraud, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and more
  • HMRC Tax Investigations – When the HMRC suspects your business isn’t paying the correct amount of taxes, they can launch an official investigation without prior notice 
  • Insurance Fraud – Covers allegations of fraudulent activity involving insurances of all types, life insurance, medical insurance, home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance and more
  • Cartel and Fixed Pricing – This covers serious fraud offences such as organising price-fixing rings, cutting off access to suppliers and bid-rigging
  • Bribery and Corruption – Accepting bribes, offering bribes and conspiracy to bribe someone for personal gain are all common types of fraud 

What are the penalties for committing fraud?

If you are found guilty of a serious fraud offence, you could be sentenced to pay unlimited fines and spend up to 10 years in prison. As penalties in a fraud case vary greatly, the court takes a number of factors into consideration when deciding on the appropriate punishment. 


The questions that will have an impact on sentencing include: 


  • Was the crime premeditated or opportunistic?
  • What were the damages inflicted upon the victim (financially and personally)?
  • How long were you involved in the fraudulent activity in question?
  • Have you made an attempt to conceal or destroy evidence?
  • Has the money gained as a result of the fraud been used to finance drug trafficking, human trafficking or any other illegal activity? 

What is Conspiracy to Commit Fraud?

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud is one of the most commonly faced fraud-related charges. It’s often used as a gateway to open a fraud investigation and uncover evidence to support further fraud-related charges. 


Conspiracy to commit fraud is defined as one’s intentional participation in an agreement to commit fraud. The fraud doesn’t have to have taken place yet for you to be found guilty. All the prosecution has to prove is that you willingly and intentionally agreed to defraud someone. 

Why do I need a fraud solicitor?

If you or your business are facing fraud or tax allegations, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Having a fraud solicitor in Birmingham in your corner from the get-go means that your rights will be protected at every stage, helping you avoid self-incrimination and minimising the damage the case has on your reputation. 


As serious fraud is a very complex area of the law, especially when high-value cases and international fraud allegations are involved, you should always look for an experienced legal team with a proven track record of resolving similar cases. 

How much does a fraud solicitor cost?

The legal costs of hiring a fraud solicitor depend largely on the complexity of the case and the length of the fraud proceedings (some cases can take months). To discuss the projected cost and other details of your case, speak to our Birmingham team on 0121 270 1988. 

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