Corporate Internal Investigation

Corporate Internal Investigation
Legally reviewed by: Laura Smith

Protecting Your Business Through an Internal Investigation

In this current media age of instant information businesses are facing increasing pressure for self-accountability, no matter what the business is. As a result, businesses are turning to internal investigations to address potential misconduct and uphold their ethical standards. This proactive approach helps avoid the time-consuming and disruptive nature of external an investigation by agencies while helping prevent reputation damage, further costs, and business friction.

Our corporate and financial crime solicitors at Cartwright King offer comprehensive support throughout your internal investigation process. We can guide you through the entire journey, from assessing the need for an investigation to conducting a thorough and impartial review.

We can also assist you in navigating inquiries from regulators or law enforcement agencies. Our expertise ensures you respond effectively and efficiently, safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and minimising potential legal risks.

Don’t hesitate to contact Cartwright King’s corporate and financial crime solicitors to discuss your corporate investigation needs. We can help you navigate these complex situations with confidence.

Why Carry Out an Internal Investigation?

Some businesses may feel an internal investigation could be invasive allowing others to see elements that the business would rather keep secret. However, in this day and age very few things remain a secret, therefore, businesses should consider the reputational damage, cost and friction that can be caused by not doing so. Therefore, it’s much better to get ahead of that problem by commissioning an internal investigation to stay informed and prepare what actions to take.

Conducting an internal investigation with Cartwright King ensures confidentiality through client privilege allowing you to approach the business problems more thoughtfully.

A corporate and financial solicitor will help chart out your business mandate, and what next steps the business should take. It’s important for business to create a roadmap to ensure the, so they don’t have allegations or problems like this in the future, helping create a better workplace.

If the case escalates, promptly taking out a serious corporate internal investigation can help provide a solid legal defence.

A solicitor will protect the information that comes out the investigation and ensure the work that is done is protected. This helps structure the investigation, so the company has its own discretion whether to disclose the information of the investigation.

Why Choose Cartwright King?

At Cartwright King our team of corporate and financial solicitors have a wealth of experience in helping individuals and firms conduct an internal investigation of their companies. Furthermore, our team can advise on the various options available to any external regulators and law enforcement agencies. Our solicitors regularly come into contact with The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Cartwright King’s financial solicitors offer comprehensive support throughout your internal investigation and external engagement process. We guide you through:

  • Understanding the Conduct: We help you determine whether an internal investigation is necessary. If so, we will provide appropriate scope to uncover any unlawful conduct.
  • Building a Strong Defence: From gathering evidence to conducting impartial reviews, we ensure a thorough investigation that protects your legal interests.
  • Navigating Regulatory Inquiries: Our experienced team assists you in effectively responding to compulsory information requests from regulators and responding to inquiries from law enforcement agencies. This includes crafting clear, accurate, and timely responses, ensuring efficient interaction and minimizing disruption.
  • Seeking Optimal Outcomes: We explore options such as deferred prosecution agreements (if applicable) and guide you through the intricacies of gaining immunity from prosecution when possible.
  • Recovering Losses: If necessary, we can assist in undertaking civil action to recover any financial losses incurred due to misconduct.

If you are looking to conduct an internal investigation, or require legal guidance in avoiding an external investigation, get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

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