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As a top-rated law firm recognised by the Legal 500, Cartwright King offers specialist fraud defence services to commercial and private clients across the London region. Our team of expert serious fraud solicitors have a proven track record of success in cases involving all matters of fraud and tax allegations including bribery, credit card fraud, fraudulent trading and serious fraud.

When you have been accused of tax offences or fraud, your reputation can be irreparably damaged – particularly without adequate legal advice and representation. Our fraud team delivers actionable advice and legal support whether you are under investigation, arrested or facing a trial in court. We remain calm under pressure and we act swiftly to limit the negative impact a fraud charge may have on you.

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Cartwright King Can Assist With

Our specialist fraud solicitors, located in Central London, have a wealth of experience in successfully defending fraud cases, whether those are brought forward by:

HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC can decide to investigate you at any point to discover whether you are paying the correct amount of tax. They will look into a number of different key indicators – such as your income tax, deduction and tax returns – to determine whether you or your business is paying the appropriate amount of tax.

HMRC investigations require a fast response and rapid approach. Our fraud solicitors in London will diligently act to learn of your situation and take the necessary approach to safeguarding your assets and reputation and defend you in the face of criminal charges.


FREE Telephone Consultation With a Fraud Solicitor in London

We know that an allegation of fraud can be damaging to the reputation of a business or individual and we believe that to get the support you need, it’s important to build a strong relationship with the fraud solicitor who will represent you. This is why we offer a free, no-obligation initial telephone consultation service.

This first conversation with our team* allows us to:

  • Get to know you and your circumstances
  • Understand the type and severity of the allegations against you 
  • Talk about how we could best help your case

All consultations are 100% confidential, allowing you the opportunity to talk about the case and express your concerns freely. This initial call puts you under no obligation to select Cartwright King to represent you during the duration of the case, so if you are not fully satisfied at the end, you are free to walk away.


*Please be aware that during this initial consultation, no detailed legal advice will be offered as the primary goal of the conversation is to get to know each other.

Our Clients

Cartwright King has acted on behalf of individuals, professionals and businesses in allegations involving fraud against some of the largest sectors of industry, including banks, institutions and governmental departments. Some of our most high-profile cases include:

  • A successful representation of a Vice President of BAE Systems in a Serious Fraud Office investigation.
  • Represented a former senior employee of Rolls Royce in allegations of overseas corruption, brought forward by the Serious Fraud Office.
  • Successfully represented an uncharged, but questioned, defendant in the prosecution of Alstom PLC by the Serious Fraud Office.


Why Choose Cartwright King London

Cartwright King has built a solid reputation of successful fraud defences within London and around the rest of the UK. Our advice is tailored to the intricacies of your case and our fraud defence strategy always aims to minimise the effects of such allegations on your or your business’s reputation.

We employ a strategic and discrete approach to fraud cases: understandably, the details are delicate and those under investigation are under a lot of pressure. We represent you when dealing with the relevant investigatory parties to ensure that your rights are protected and you take the right legal action at every stage of your case. 

As a Legal 500 recognised law firm, we are committed to defending  your best interests in the face of fraud allegations and we work relentlessly to ensure that your rights are protected. 


Find our London offices

Our address is: 5th Floor, Eldon Chambers, 30-32 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AA

Getting to our offices is simple enough via the Underground or by bus.

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Chancery Lane – Central Line – within a 9-minute walk

Exit via the Chancery Lane entrance at the station. Walk until reaching Chancery Lane on the left, turn left and walk straight to the bottom. Cross over the road at the junction and turn left until you come to Bagelmania Sandwich Bar, you should now be able to locate Falcon Court. Enter Falcon Court and our building is the first door on the right.

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Walk past Middle Temple Lane until you come to Bagelmania Sandwich Bar, just before the shop entrance is Falcon Court. Enter Falcon Court and you’ll be able to see our building, which is the first door on the right.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is civil fraud?

A case of civil fraud is one usually brought forward and pursued by the victim via the civil courts. The final decision of the case will be made by the judge, typically aiming to restore any sums or assets lost by the victim – that were gained by the alleged perpetrator through fraudulent actions – to bring them back to the position they were before the alleged crime took place.

Consider that a mere allegation can have severe consequences to the integrity of you or your business. Our expert fraud defence lawyers can help guide you through such a tricky process and mobilise the enforcement of your rights to ensure you have the best chance in the case brought against you.

What is the difference between criminal and civil fraud?

Though both should be approached cautiously and taken seriously, civil fraud involves a victim pursuing a case privately against the accused in the civil courts. The victim will often be pursuing the restoration of sums or assets they deem to have lost to the accused, who has subsequently gained from that loss through fraudulent means.


Criminal fraud cases are usually brought by government bodies or authorities, as opposed to private parties, and such cases are taken to the criminal courts with the ultimate decision made by a jury – as opposed to the judge in a civil case – whilst the judge will hand down the sentences, usually a fine and damages as well as occasional imprisonment for more serious crimes.

What should I do if I’m under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO)?

Primarily working on cases involving bribery, corruption, serious and complex fraud, the SFO get involved in such cases as they often concern notable economic harm, damage UK PLC’s interests and are important to the public.


Should your company be involved with investigations by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), it is advisable that you make contact with a specialist law firm that has fundamental knowledge and experience in large-scale fraud cases involving the SFO.

Why should I hire an expert fraud solicitor?

Fraud is a serious crime that can come with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and unlimited fines. Having an expert team of fraud defence solicitors gives you the best chance of achieving a successful outcome of your case.


Cartwright King has an experienced team of fraud solicitors in London that are here to support you 24/7, should you be concerned about fraud or tax allegations against you.

Can you help me with a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) case?

Some of the most complex fraud cases are handled by the CPS Specialist Fraud Division. The experts at Cartwright King can assist and guide you through every step of the serious fraud process, as well as defend you and your reputation in court.

What is the price of a fraud solicitor in London?

The price of legal advice and defence is often reflective of the complexity and duration of the case. You can get an estimate during your free initial telephone consultation with Cartwright King’s team. 

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