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Fraud Solicitors in Manchester

If you or your business are facing fraud or tax violations allegations, our experienced fraud defence specialists are here to help. Cartwright King’s team of fraud solicitors in Manchester provide you with reliable legal advice at all stages of a fraud case, whether you are under investigation, under arrest or if you are involved in court proceedings. 

Recognised by the Legal 500, we are one of the UK’s leading criminal defence law firms and we have a stellar record of representing private and commercial clients in a range of fraud-related matters, such as insider trading, bribery, corruption, credit card fraud, pyramid schemes and HMRC tax investigations. 

Our team works relentlessly to protect your rights and limit the negative impact that criminal fraud allegations may have on your reputation and your business’s future.

For urgent advice on fraud and tax-related legal matters, contact our fraud solicitors in Manchester on 0161 833 1411 for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation today. 

How Cartwright King Manchester can help

At Cartwright King Manchester, we have a proven track record of success in resolving complex, high-value fraud cases, as well as defending fraud allegations made against private individuals. 

Our specialist fraud lawyers  have been working in the wider Manchester area and the North West since 2015 and we advise clients on all matters regarding criminal fraud, including (but not limited to):

Fraud & Tax Investigations

At Cartwright King Solicitors, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex investigations, including HMRC tax investigations. We know that serious fraud investigations can be unpleasant and disruptive, as enforcement officers are granted the right to turn up at your premises unannounced and perform searches, request access to confidential information and even seize assets. If international fraud is suspected, foreign law enforcement agencies may be involved, as well. 

Our fraud solicitors in Manchester are locally based which makes us perfectly positioned to take action quickly and ensure your rights are protected during such investigations. We will oversee the searches to ensure that the correct procedure has been followed when collecting evidence as that can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. 


Fraud Prosecution Representation

Following the completion of a fraud investigation, the prosecution will make a decision whether there is enough evidence to bring formal charges against you in court. When you face prosecution for fraud, the accusers will attempt to prove that you have sought personal gain through illegal means and deception. 

Due to their complexity, fraud cases usually face months on trial and the penalties if found guilty can range from seizure of assets and financial penalties up to 10 years incarceration. This is why if you are prosecuted for fraud or serious tax offenses, it is vital that you have the best criminal defence on your side. Cartwright King Manchester’s team will defend you in court with persistence to obtain a positive outcome.

Free, Initial, No-Obligation Consultation

Building strong client relationships based on trust is at the heart of our approach. Our fraud lawyers in Manchester are invested in each case we take on and we pay attention to every client, regardless of the complexity and value of the case.


We offer every client a free, initial consultation over the phone* that gives us the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about you and your circumstances 
  • Get to know the details of the fraud charges made against you 
  • Discuss how we could help you resolve the case as quickly as possible  

Our initial conversation also helps you build an idea of how our team works and the services we offer. If you are still unsure whether you want Cartwright King Manchester to represent you after we’ve spoken, you can walk away with no obligation towards us. Our telephone conversation remains fully confidential, regardless of your decision.  

To book your no-obligation phone call with our fraud solicitors in Manchester on 0161 833 1411 and ensure your legal defence is in safe hands. 

*Please note that the initial consultation is strictly a “get to know you” conversation and no detailed legal advice will be given. 

Why Choose Cartwright King’s Fraud Solicitors in Manchester?

Having worked with private and business clients in Manchester since 2015, Cartwright King’s local team of fraud lawyers has built a reputation for successfully resolving complex fraud cases. We are a top-tier law firm recognised by the Legal 500 for our fraud and tax allegations expertise. 

Facing criminal fraud charges can be extremely stressful, especially when the allegations could lead to a possible custodial sentence or serious financial loss. We also understand that to mitigate the damages that such allegations can cause to your reputation, we need to act quickly. 

With Cartwright King Manchester’s experienced fraud solicitors by your side, you will have the legal support you need at any stage of your case. We are here to listen to you and provide actionable advice and creative solutions to your problem. We remain calm under pressure and we work confidently to secure the best outcome for you. 

Need legal advice regarding a fraud allegation or a tax investigation? Get your free, no-obligation consultation by calling our fraud defence team in Manchester on 0161 833 1411. 

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

What is fraud?

A financial, non-violent crime that involves illicit activities intended to bring personal or financial profit is referred to as fraud.  

What is serious fraud?

Serious fraud is a term usually used to describe a high-value fraud offence, such as investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, corporate fraud, bribery and corruption, cartel and fixed-free pricing. Serious fraud cases usually involve lengthy and detailed investigations by various government bodies and agencies. 

What are the most common types of fraud offences?

Fraud offences that our solicitors in Manchester commonly work on include: 


  • Bribery and Corruption – Allegations of either offering or accepting bribes, both on domestic or foreign soil
  • Credit Card Fraud – From stealing and selling credit cards to using stolen credit cards and skimming/cloning
  • Investment Fraud – Ponzi or pyramid schemes, boiler room fraud, advance fee fraud accusations, FCA investigations and prosecutions, and more
  • Insurance Fraud – All types of insurance fraud, including home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, pet insurance and any other type of insurance
  • Cartel and Fixed Pricing – Those include allegations of bid-rigging, insider trading, involvement in price-fixing and preventing supply to competitors 
  • HMRC Tax Investigations – Where you are suspected of serious tax violations and an official investigation has been launched by the HMRC

What are the penalties for committing fraud?

Depending on the severity of the crime committed, if you have been found guilty of a criminal fraud offence, penalties could include substantial fines, as well as a custodial sentence of up to 10 years in prison. 

Factors used to determine the severity of the punishment include: 


  • Was this a premeditated offence or an act of opportunity?
  • What damages were sustained by the victim?
  • How long was the fraudulent activity going on?
  • Has evidence been concealed or destroyed? 
  • Have the funds obtained by fraud been used to support other illegal activities (e.g. drug or human trafficking)?

Are there any mitigating factors in a fraud case?

If you are found guilty of fraud, the court may take the following mitigating factors into consideration when deciding your sentence:


  • Have you fully cooperated with the authorities?
  • Have you returned the stolen money voluntarily? 
  • Can you provide evidence that you had already stopped your fraudulent activity when it was uncovered?

What does it mean if I have been accused of Conspiracy to Defraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud?

A conspiracy relating to fraud occurs when you have intentionally entered an agreement to defraud someone. It’s one of the most common fraud charges used to trigger an official fraud investigation. 


For you to be found guilty, the prosecution has to be able to prove that you have intentionally acted in a dishonest manner and that you have consciously agreed to defraud someone. 

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