Motoring Offences

Motoring Offences
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There’s an array of driving offences you can be charged with if you don’t comply with the rules of the road. If you’ve been charged with a driving offence, benefit from the experience of Cartwright King’s specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors, who have a proven track record of protecting the driving licences of many British motorists. We’ll do everything we can to clear you of wrongdoing or minimise action against you.

For fast, effective and efficient legal advice for motoring offences, get in touch with Cartwright King, now.

How Cartwright King can defend you

Cartwright King takes a non-judgemental approach to your case. We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about what happens to you. If you face losing your driving licence it can potentially affect your job and family life, which is why we’re committed to clearing your name with the right legal advice and representation. 

We can help with:

Unique advocacy services for driving offences

We can represent you at every stage of your case. If your case ends up in court, our unique advocacy services give you legal representation from the police station through to the Higher Courts. When you need us most, we will be there with the legal know-how and calm head to guide you through your case.

Benefit from free legal advice at a police station

If you’re arrested on suspicion of a driving offence, Cartwright King’s professional solicitors are available day and night to offer free legal advice at the police station. Our priority is to ensure that your position is protected and your defence is properly presented.

You have the right to choose who you want to represent you legally. Tell the police you want to be represented by Cartwright King, and one of our specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors will be there when you need us most, no matter where you are in the UK.

Why choose Cartwright King for motoring offence defence?

Whether you’re facing charges for a minor or serious driving offence, having an experienced Motoring Offence Solicitor representing you is often the difference when it comes to a successful outcome for your case. 

We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about keeping you on the road. That’s why we offer sound, honest, reliable legal advice to ensure that you understand your rights when facing motoring offence charges.

Cartwright King can defend you against a wide range of driving offences, giving you peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

Working with Cartwright King’s motoring offence solicitors gives you the assurance of having access to legal counsel who will advise you at every stage of your case. We know that driving offence charges can be damaging to your daily life and potentially affect your employment. 

That’s why we will do everything we can to clear you of wrongdoing or minimise any action against you.

We’re committed to defending your legal rights and protecting your driving licence, ensuring that you’re treated fairly throughout your case. When you need us most, we’ll be there to offer sound, sensible legal advice and sure guidance.  

We’re a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you defence counsel that you can count on.

Our Fees

We will conduct an initial enquiry about your case with you without charge to confirm that it is a matter we can help with. This will typically involve a short telephone conversation with you. Please feel free to call us or email us using the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

New prosecution procedures called the “Single Justice Procedure” mean that managing and monitoring your case to an appropriate hearing becomes increasingly important. We are happy to do this for you.

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Motoring Fees

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Frequently asked questions.

What do I do if I get a notice from the police intending to prosecute me?

Don’t respond to any paperwork sent by the police without talking to a specialist Cartwright King Driving Offence Lawyer first. Our Road Traffic team will review the notice to check that it complies with legal requirements. We will advise you on whether you should respond to the notice and how to reply, if necessary.

How long do the police have to issue a Notice of Intended prosecution?

If the police intend to prosecute you for a motoring offence, they will have 14 days to issue a notice, for most types of driving offences, to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

However, there are certain exceptions to the 14-day issuing period, including:

  • Your vehicle being on the road resulted in an accident
  • The police gave you a verbal warning at the time of a motoring offence 
  • You were issued with a fixed penalty
  • Your offence is considered an exception to the rule on account of statutory provision

Will I be disqualified from driving if my case goes to court?

Disqualification from driving depends on the nature of your offence. Our specialist Motoring Offence Lawyers will do everything they can to prevent disqualification, however, under law there are circumstances that make suspension of your licence unavoidable.

If you’re charged with drink driving or dangerous driving, a 12-month disqualification is mandatory. A dangerous driving charge will also mean that you will have to take and pass an extended driving test following your 12-month disqualification.

The court also has the power to disqualify you from driving for motoring offences that carry points. For example, the court can disqualify you for speeding offences if it relates to your driving exceeding a speed limit by 30mph or more, i.e. doing 60mph in a 30mph zone.

If you amass 12 points on your driving licence within a three-year period, you will be disqualified for a six-month period under the totting up provisions. However, if we’re able to prove that you would face ‘exceptional hardship‘ as a result of a totting up disqualification, it’s possible to avoid a driving ban.

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