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Employment Law

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Whether you’re an employee or an employer, Cartwright King offers exemplary employment law advice to protect your interests. Employment law is constantly changing, but our specialist Employment Law Solicitors stay up to date with the latest legislation to ensure that you get the right advice for you or your business.

For efficient, effective employment law advice, get in touch with Cartwright King today.

How Cartwright King’s employment law solicitors can help

When employment disputes arise, resolving conflict requires experience and a safe pair of hands. Cartwright King’s Employment Law Solicitors support fairness and best practice in the workplace, offering objective and constructive advice to resolve cases quickly and satisfactorily to avoid protracted and damaging disputes.

Employment law advice for employers

Cartwright King has a proven track record for helping employers manage employee relations, offering a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to help stop disputes arising and escalating. We know that disputes could damage your business reputation, which is why our Employment Law Solicitors will help you manage the situation.

You benefit from the ability of our Employment Law Solicitors to diffuse disputes in a commercially pragmatic way, often through negotiated settlement agreements. This helps you avoid a tribunal or Court case, which could do long-lasting damage to the reputation of your company.

If a dispute does escalate to a tribunal, or goes to Court, perhaps because it’s in the best interests of the business to bring or defend a claim, our specialist Employment Law Solicitors can guide and represent you throughout the process.

If you’re an employer in need of advice, get in touch with our Employment Law team today.

Business Services for Employers

  • Employment Health Checks – because prevention is better than cure
  • “Nip it in the Bud” Clinics – if you know, or suspect, that something is threatening the health of your business, you should have it examined by a specialist sooner rather than later
  • Free e-bulletins and seminars – keeping you up to date with changes in the law
  • Effective Equality and Diversity Training for Staff and Managers.
  • Fixed Fee Employer Protection Packages – with or without insurance to cover defending employment tribunal claims or injunctions to enforce restraints of trade.

Legal advice for employees

Cartwright King’s Employment Law Solicitors will empower you to enforce your employment rights in a constructive and non-confrontational way to help you resolve a dispute with your employer.

We understand the stress and strain that an unhappy work life can have on your health and personal life, which is why we offer total support to protect your best interests. 

Our Employment Law Solicitors will take care of everything – from making that first approach to your employer by sending a letter on your behalf, to representation at a tribunal hearing.

If your employer treats you badly for filing a grievance, we can help you bring additional claims against them. 

If you’re facing disciplinary or capability proceedings we can make representations to your employer to help prevent your dismissal, or try to negotiate an exit strategy on favourable terms, and with an agreed reference, through a Settlement Agreement.

Should you decide to pursue your case through a tribunal, Cartwright King’s specialist Employment Law Solicitors can represent you to ensure that you’re treated fairly and your voice is heard.

Quick Links for Employees

  • FAQ’s Settlement Agreements
  • Employee Rights
  • Acas Early Conciliation Procedure
  • Employment Tribunal Fees
  • Bringing Claims Against Your Employer 

Legal expenses insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance as part of your household insurance or another insurance policy, it can be used to cover the cost of your claim. Your insurance cover will allow you to choose your own Employment Lawyer too, so get in touch with Cartwright King today for the legal advice and representation you need.

Benefit from a free, initial telephone conversation

Protecting your employment status or the interests of your business can be a legal minefield. That’s why you can benefit from a free, 30-minute initial telephone call with a specialist Cartwright King Employment Law Solicitor to assess your options. 

You’re under no pressure to instruct us, this call simply gives you a starting point before you make your next move.

There’s no substitute for speaking to one of our specialist Employment Law Solicitors to get rational, clear guidance that will help you secure your employment or protect your business.

For immediate assistance, call us or email us for your free* initial discussion. 

The discussion is completely informal and confidential, and is an opportunity for us to:

  • Get to know you 
  • Understand your situation
  • Agree how you want to proceed

*Please be aware that this is a ‘get to know you’ call and no legal advice will be given.

Why choose Cartwright King for employment law advice?

Personal, pro-active and productive, three defining traits of Cartwright King’s service, which combine to ensure that you benefit from legal advice that truly protects your interests.

The possibility of losing your job or damage to your business can have huge knock-on effects. That’s why Cartwright King’s Employment Law Solicitors work with you to develop an effective strategy to secure the best outcome for all involved.

Our advice is backed by experience of dealing with all manner of employment disputes. You can trust this experience to help guide you through the process as there aren’t many situations we haven’t come across before when dealing with employment law cases. 

Our Employment Law team  goes above and beyond to give you the support you need, for added peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about protecting your job or your business. That’s why we offer sound, honest, reliable legal advice to ensure that you’re prepared for the process.

Working with a specialist Cartwright King solicitor gives you the assurance of having access to legal counsel who will advise you at every stage of your case

We’re committed to defending your legal rights and ensuring that you’re treated fairly throughout your case. When you need us most, we’ll be there to offer sound, sensible legal advice and sure guidance.  

We’re a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you counsel that you can count on.

Employment Tribunal Fees

Every employment tribunal case is different which is why we can only offer an estimate of costs based on our many years of experience. We provide estimates to show the likely fees you would need to pay to Cartwright King to reach the conclusion of a full hearing at an employment tribunal. (Barristers’ or advocates’ fees to represent you in the hearing itself are extra and set out under the Disbursements section).

Employment Tribunal Fees

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

How long does a claim take to go through an Employment Tribunal?

Once your claim has been filed to an Employment Tribunal it can take anywhere between three and six months to process before a Tribunal hearing date is set. However, most hearings can be dealt with in one or two days.

What happens at an Employment Tribunal?

Your case will progress through the Employment Tribunal process to a hearing – either in person or by video conference. You and any witnesses will need to attend the hearing to give evidence under oath.

Cartwright King will put forward your case at the hearing, while your employer will be given the opportunity to respond to your claim and ask any questions.

Once all the evidence has been heard, an Employment Judge will provide a legally binding verdict on the case.

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