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Family law expands over a wide range of emotionally-demanding matters and is by no means limited to agreements when a relationship breaks down. While our Cartwright King family law solicitors are always on-hand to support you through a divorce or separation, their experience also spans issues evolving child law, family matters and financial disputes. 

Regardless of your need for a family law solicitor, all areas of family and advanced family law can be overwhelming and extremely challenging. When family and children are involved, emotions are heightened; however, with Cartwright King, you are not alone. Our family law specialists in Nottingham can take care of your case, allowing you to come to terms with your changing circumstances.

Let us look after your best interests, our empathic approach will ensure your and your family’s well-being remains at the heart of your case. Our family law solicitors will cut through the legal jargon, allowing you to understand each and every step of the process. We will meet all of your deadlines, collating evidence where necessary, so you do not have to worry. 

Our family solicitors in Nottingham can support you with your family law case. Call us today on 0115 958 7444 or submit an online enquiry form to book your fixed-fee, no-obligation telephone consultation.

Areas of Family Law We Can Help With

Cartwright King solicitors in Nottingham can offer legal advice and representation with your family law case. They can support you through this intensely emotional time while ensuring your terms are protected and defended throughout. With honest opinions and jargon-free guidance, our family law solicitors can help you achieve the best outcome regardless of your family law case.

Our family law solicitors in Nottingham can assist you on:

Children Law

All cases where children are concerned often pose additional emotional challenges. Cartwright King solicitors can support you throughout your child law matter, whether it stems from the breakdown of a marriage, relationship separation or a disagreement over child care arrangements. Our expertise also includes custody battles, Adoption Orders and Special Guardianship Orders, with our family law solicitors in Nottingham you’ll also be kept up-to-speed with your case.

Child Care Proceedings

We can guide you through your child care proceedings if your local authority’s social services department has any concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing. Whether you and your partner are separated and custody arrangements need to be agreed upon and implemented, we can help you navigate these negotiations.


On top of coming to terms with the emotional turmoil from the breakdown of your marriage, there are suddenly a lot of decisions to make regarding your divorce. With so much to arrange and negotiate, and with emotions running high, let our family law solicitors look after your best interests. We can provide rational advice as well as emotional support throughout your process of filing for divorce.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

If you are looking to protect your individual assets before getting married, our solicitors can help put together a prenuptial (prenups) agreement. Alternatively, we can help protect your assets after your wedding day with a postnuptial agreement. With our help, you can rest assured that your interests are protected should your marriage break down in the future.

Financial Agreements and Settlements

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, the next step of your process is to secure your financial stability. If your divorce has been accepted in relation to the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, our family law solicitors can help untangle your matrimonial assets, negotiating and arranging financial agreements and settlements where necessary.

Civil Partnership Dissolution

If you are currently within a civil partnership but want to submit a Dissolution, our family law solicitors in Nottingham can help. We can help ensure your application to the courts meets the requirements within the Civil Partnership Act 2004. Regardless of whether your dissolution is amicable or not, our solicitors are here to guide you through each step of the process.

Domestic Abuse

With any case of domestic abuse, our solicitors’ first priority is to ensure your safety. Reaching out to a family law solicitor is a huge achievement and a massive undertaking. With Cartwright King on board, we can put injunctions and non-molestation orders in place to keep you and your family safe. Once you are free of your abuser, we can then help you submit a divorce and arrange your child care.

Arrange Your Fixed-Fee Initial Consultation

Choosing a qualified family law solicitor is an important step in your legal case. That is why, at Cartwright King, we want to help you make your decision. We offer a fixed-fee introductory consultation over the phone, allowing you to speak to one of our specialist solicitors. These calls not only help you to get a feel for our working practices and approaches but also allow us to get to know your specific case.

These introductory telephone consultations allow us to:

  • Get to know you and your family situation
  • Understand your family law case
  • Advise you on your legal options

If you are willing to proceed with our expert family law solicitors, appointing us to guide you through your case, a follow-up consultation can be arranged to talk through our recommendations in more detail. To arrange your no-obligation introductory meeting, get in touch today

*Please note, during these initial conversations we are unable to provide any detailed legal advice or guidance. These conversations are offered instead to allow both parties to get to know the other.

Cartwright King’s Family Law Fees

Our family law solicitors in Nottingham are available to impart their expert legal advice to whoever is in need. Get in touch with us today, our family law solicitors are happy to assist and represent you through your case.

Choosing Cartwright King’s Family Law Solicitors

Our committed family law solicitors in Nottingham pride themselves on prioritising a client’s best interests, working to tight deadlines to ensure they exhaust every available legal avenue. Their hard work and client-focused approach have led to accreditation from both Legal 500 and The Law Society

With their reputation for top-quality legal advice across all family law services, our solicitors have years of experience handling extremely complex and emotionally-demanding cases. From these previous cases, we know how difficult these matters can be. Therefore, we ensure your well-being is at the forefront of our minds when negotiating your options. 

At Cartwright King, we believe everyone should understand their legal case. With this in mind, we aim to bypass the legal jargon, explaining your process in a straightforward, honest manner. We will always keep you informed while shouldering the stress, allowing you to come to terms with your change in circumstances.

Our Nottingham Office

Cartwright King has had a presence in Nottingham since 2000, moving from its original office space at Norwich Union House in June 2015. Our team can now be located at Lock House, Wilford Street, Nottingham, NG2 1AG.

Parking Facilities

At Lock House, there are designated car parking spaces for Cartwright King clients. However, these spaces are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon locating a parking space, you will need to log your car with the building’s receptionist. If all our spades are taken, there is a choice of public car parks only a five-minute walk from our office. 

By Train

Our office is located in the vicinity of Nottingham railway station. To reach us from the station, you need to aim for the Magistrates’ Court.

Leaving the station from the main exit, cross the road on the right and turn left onto the first road. Walking westerly along the south side of the canal will take you past the Magistrates’ Court on your left. Continue along until you ascend a slope. Here you will see the red-bricked Lock House across the road.

By Bus

There are many buses that will bring you to Nottingham at the bus station. Leave the main entrance and cross over the road to the right. Here, take the first road on your left and walk west along the canal. You will pass by the Magistrates’ Court on your left. As you approach Lock House, there will be a slope that brings you up to the building.

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

What can your family solicitors in Nottingham help me with?

At Cartwright King, our family law solicitors recommend all clients gain legal representation for their family law cases. During the emotional stress of your family law matter, dealing with the demanding deadlines and stress of your legal proceedings without an expert’s knowledge can be too much to handle. However, with our solicitors by your side, you can rest assured that your best interests are being protected.

No matter how complex, we can support you with family and advanced family law matters spanning:

  • Divorce and civil partnership dissolution
  • Relationship breakdowns and separations
  • Child Law including child care proceedings and custody disagreements
  • Financial settlements, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Support for domestic abuse cases

Whether you are unsure where our family solicitor can help or would like to arrange an initial consultation, contact our family law team in Nottingham. Simply, request a callback or send us a message today.

How much do family solicitors in Nottingham cost?

We are extremely proud to offer transparent fixed fees for our family law solicitors.

How does family mediation differ from going to court?

Family mediation offers an alternative way to resolve issues and disputes that arise during a separation or divorce. Mediation meetings allow for couples to meet face-to-face with experienced mediators, in an attempt to reach an agreement together. A mediator acts as an impartial third party, helping the couple to resolve disagreements over matrimonial finances, child custody and child care arrangements.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement? When do I need one?

Regardless of how long a couple has lived together, you only acquire spouse rights if you get married or enter a civil partnership. Therefore, if you separate from your partner, you only have a right to claim assets that were owned together or that you financially contributed to. A Cohabitation Agreement will outline everything you have contributed to during your relationship, establishing what rights both parties have to all assets and future claims that can or cannot be made.

Can I appeal my child's school placement decision?

By sending a written, evidenced application, a parent can appeal a child’s school placement decision. If the admission criteria do not meet the school’s admission appeal code, or the policies have not been adhered to, then your appeal will be successful. Once an appeal is made in writing, you will then receive a hearing date. It is crucial you meet the timetable of your appeal’s process as an independent tribunal will be involved.

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