UK Visa Appeals and Judicial Reviews

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UK Visa Appeal Solicitors

Unfortunately, Home Office decisions don’t always go your way. Our solicitors can help you understand the reasons why you got rejected, and are here to help you submit your immigration visa appeal if you felt that rejection was unjust.

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case we might be able to help you appeal a decision made in regards to:

  • Deportation or removal of citizenship
  • Refusal of asylum or humanitarian protection
  • Refusal of a human rights claim
  • Revoked protection status
  • Refused family, dependant and spouse visas
  • Refused investor visas
  • Refused work visas
  • Refused study visas

To learn more about your right to appeal, get in touch. Our solicitors can go through your case in detail and explain to you what options you have.

The UK Visa Refusal Appeal Process

Our Visa Appeal Process

Our immigration solicitors have a great deal of expertise in helping people appeal rejected applications and deportation orders. Using our experience in handling complex judicial reviews in all areas of immigration law, we can help you too.

We will start the process with a general review of your initial application to establish why your visa application was rejected.

With each appeal we will take the following steps:

  1.  Assessment on the merits of your case
    We will assess the possibilities around appealing the decision that has been made.
  2. Preparing your case and lodging your appeal
    If we feel confident that you can appeal successfully, we will prepare your case for you and collect all the required documentation before lodging your appeal.
  3. Representing you at the appeal hearing
    When your appeal hearing comes around, we will be by your side throughout, to support you and speak on your behalf.
  4. Successful visa appeals
    There are no guarantees that your appeal will be successful, but we have an excellent track record of success.

We are also experienced in dealing with the first tier and upper tribunal of the immigration chamber.

How We Will Help

If you want to challenge the decision made by the Home Office, we strongly recommend that you seek our expert legal advice beforehand. The better you understand what’s involved in the appeal process, the higher your chances of success will be.

We have a long history of providing advice and support with visa appeals, and in past hearings immigration judges have commented on the high quality of our appeal process.

We will explore every option you have and we never shy away from taking a case to the supreme court if that is the best route for your situation. By handling your appeal process from start to finish, we’ll give you the best chance at a success outcome.

Your Right to Appeal After a Visa Refusal

You don’t always have the right to appeal immigration-related decisions. Your notice of refusal letter will outline the rights you have to contest the Home Office’s decision.

Generally, the kind of cases that do hold a right to appeal are:

  • Deportation or removal of citizenship
  • Refusal of asylum or humanitarian protection
  • Refusal of human rights claim
  • Revoked protection status

We might also be able to help you appeal visa refusals on:

  • Family, dependant and partner visas
  • Investor visas
  • Work visas
  • Study visas

We understand that dealing with the UK Border Agency is often a difficult and confusing process. Our immigration specialists have the knowledge, expertise and determination required to persist on your behalf to the end.

To understand more about your immigration appeal rights get in touch, and let us help you assess your situation.

Appeals and Judicial Reviews Support Services

Visa Refusal Appeal Solicitors

You can appeal the Home Office decision on your own, but your chances of success will inevitably be a lot lower. Without understanding past cases and how the system works, you are much less likely to put forward a strong appeal without errors.

Our expert immigration solicitors have been highly successful in handling appeal cases for many years. We are here to give you the very best advice and guidance.

If you want to secure our expertise for your appeal, get in touch today. Our friendly immigration law solicitors can review your initial application and give you clear guidance on what to do next.

A 30-minute consultation with one of our immigration solicitors can be held in our offices or over the phone or Skype. We do not offer free advice and will charge a non-refundable £95 fee per consultation.

We're here for you.