Applying for a British Passport

Applying for a British Passport
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Applying for a British Passport

There are certain situations in which you can apply for a British passport. If you are eligible, our immigration solicitors can help you submit your application and can answer any questions you may have along the way.

If any of the below applies to you, we can help you apply for your British passport:

  • You have naturalised as a British citizen
  • You are an overseas or overseas territories British citizen
  • You are a British subject
  • You are a British national living overseas
  • You are considered a ‘protected person’

If you have naturalised as a British citizen, there is no waiting period in place for submitting a British passport application. This means you are able to apply immediately after you have been to your citizenship ceremony.

Our immigration team will be able to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a British passport and help you with your application if you are.

Benefits of Getting a British Passport

There is a range of benefits that come from being a British passport holder, such as:

  • Having ease of travel in Commonwealth countries
  • Being in possession of one of the top twenty most powerful passports in the world means that you have visa-free entry to 185 countries
  • Having your rights internationally recognised as the exact same as a British-born citizen

Getting your British passport may also feel like the final step of your naturalisation process if you have come to the UK as a non-EEA and Switzerland national.

Applying for a British passport after you have been granted citizenship

How We Can Help

If you want to apply for your British passport, turn to our immigration team for help. While the application may seem straightforward it can be costly to make mistakes, so why not leave it to us to handle?

We can answer any questions you have, and will explain every step of the process to you so you are always in the know. Contact us today for thorough, and expert advice.

We're here for you.