Fast Track your Visa Application

fast track your visa application
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Fast-Track Your UK Visa Application

It generally takes a long time to get your visa application ready, and once it’s sent in, the Home Office can take months before answering you to let you know if you were successful or not. You may not have that kind of time, or you simply rather not wait.

You may be eligible to apply for a priority service for the following applications as listed on the government website: Get a faster decision on your visa or settlement application: Applying from inside the UK – GOV.UK (

Cartwright King Checking Services

How We Can Help You

If you are preparing for your own application but wish to instruct a solicitor to review your paperwork before you press submit, we can help. We can get your visa application and documents checked within a week before you submit it to the Home Office.

You will need to complete the relevant application form online and download a PDF to send to us. In addition, you will need to arrange your supporting documents and send these to us to conduct the checking service. We will then review your documents to ensure you have completed it correctly and provided the right documents for the visa route you are applying on.

While we understand that the speed at which your application is processed is extremely important, we will never let this be a cause for errors. We take great pride in our work and we are here to take care of you.

Although we can never guarantee your visa will be approved, our expert immigration solicitors will provide you with the very best chance at a successful visa application.

The Home Office offer priority and super priority services, subject to eligibility of your application. Once you have had your immigration application checked by one of our solicitors, you can proceed to submit your application. Once you attend the biometric appointment, you should receive a decision within 24 hours or five working days, depending on the service you chose.

What’s Included in our Checking Services

Our specialists will:

  • Carry out a check of your supporting documents
  • Review your completed application form
  • Provide detailed feedback and guidance to you once the check is complete

Checking Your Visa Application with Expert Help

Our Experience

Our team of expert solicitors have years of experience dealing with complicated immigration applications in a range of categories. We understand how important it is for you to receive a service that is both quick and accurate.

We are also accredited by the Law Society in immigration and asylum law. Giving you the confidence that all of our immigration solicitors have and maintain a high level of knowledge, skill, and practice.

Contact us today for a quote and we will be happy to help you.

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

What visas can you fast-track?

We can help you with our specialist fast-track service when you are applying for most visas.

We can help you fast-track your application if you are to:

What is the UK visa processing time for fast-track visas?

The UK visa procession time fast-track depends on the type of priority service you have chosen to purchase.

Standard UK visas processing times vary from 8 weeks to 6 months for applications made inside the UK. If you also purchase the priority service, you will normally receive a decision within 5 working days. If you purchase the super priority service, you would receive a decision within 1 working day.

Visa processing times can be made quicker by purchasing the additional fast-track services, however some applications may take slightly longer if your case is complex.

What is the UK visa processing time for priority service?

There are now two types of priority service when submitting a visa application within the UK. With the priority service you will receive a decision within 5 working days. With the super priority service, you will receive a decision within 1 working day.

At Cartwright King we offer our expert same-day visa service, so you be assured you will have an answer to your application as quickly as possible.