Respondent Employment Services

Employment law solicitors for employers
Fixed Fee Work (Respondent) 
Drafting ET3 response£300-900 + VAT (depending on length and complexity). This price includes a review of documentation.
Settlement Agreements (drafting)£450-800 + VAT
Counter Schedules of loss£80 + VAT
Witness statements£200-500 + VAT per statement (depending on length). This price includes a review of documentation.
Review of existing contract and handbook£300 + VAT
Drafting of new contract and handbook£500 + VAT
Drafting bespoke policies/proceduresFrom £200 + VAT (depending on length and complexity)
Respondent Employment Tribunal cases
Simple Case Where the matter is straightforward and listed for 2 days or less £1,500- £3,000 + VAT and disbursements
Medium Complexity Where the issues are more complex, there are a number of witnesses and the case is listed for 2-3 days £3,000- £7,000 + VAT and disbursements
High Complexity  Where there are a number of legal issues, many witnesses, and the matter is listed for a hearing over 3 days. £7,000- £15,000 + VAT and disbursements
Other Respondent Services
Representation at Employment Tribunal hearing onlyPreliminary Case Management hearing – £250 + VATSubstantive preliminary hearing £400 + VAT per day.Substantive (final) hearing- £500 + VAT per day. *additional cost may apply depending on the location of the hearing, i.e. if other than Liverpool or Manchester Employment Tribunal. 
Attendance at mediation/Judicial Mediation or Judicial Assessment£500-800 + VAT per day (depending on the complexity of issues)
Assistance/representation during Early Conciliation (via ACAS)Each case, whether you are a Claimant or a Respondent will go through a procedure involving ACAS, called “Early Conciliation”. To take your instructions and review any documents and represent you through this stage, we would normally estimate our costs to be between £400 and £1,000 + VAT at 20% (this charge would not apply if we are assisting you by way of Damages Based Agreement). 

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