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Motoring Law

Motoring Law

26th November 2020

Motoring During The Pandemic

During 2020 the Pandemic has had a dramatic effect on all of us and every aspect of our lives.  How we travel and use our cars has not escaped the touch of CV19.

During the first lockdown the roads emptied and those that did venture out had almost unique experiences of driving deserted highways. Some were tempted to drive faster, perhaps thinking that the clear spaces meant reduced risk and that they might not be seen or apprehended. However the cameras were still in place and Police still patrolled our roads.

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Sue Swan


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Sue Swan

Sue Swan is an Associate Solicitor based in our Birmingham office.

Sue has significant experience representing clients in a wide range of criminal defence cases at all stages of an investigation and court proceedings.

Over 12 years experience regularly representing police officers facing criminal and misconduct allegations. Called upon to advise police officers in relation to incidents arising out of police contact or an emergency response resulting in a death or serious injury.

30th April 2020

Covid-19: Clearer Roads Create Racetrack Drivers - Updated 30/04/20

With the UK still in lock down and with the country’s roads clear of all but a few vehicles some drivers believe they have a God-given right to use them as a race track. Judging by the number of reports of such stupidity it would seem that they fondly imagine the chances of being caught at the moment and then prosecuted are zero.

These are thoroughly misguided people. They are wrong and those who take the decision to drive in such a fashion must think again and consider the risk not only to themselves, but to us all as we collectively fight this pandemic.

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